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Hero or Villain?

Edward Snowden – is he the hero of a generation or a poisonous little traitor putting the western world in danger?


Many believe Edward Snowden, the ex NSA intelligence contractor analyst turned whistle-blower is a hero and worthy of love, adoration and respect. 2,532 more words

Secret Intelligence Service

(I Think) I Know What You Did Last Night – British Intelligence

DRIP displays British ‘intelligence’ in dealing with the world


I believe it is estimated that there is one security camera for every 14 people in the UK.  Say cheese (and crackers).

Government Fury

Under UK terror laws "publication (or threatened publication) of words may equally constitute terrorist action":

Now in UK publishing facts “may itself be an act of terrorism,” says official govt watchdog, citing @ggreenwald case.


Stasi 2.0 - July 23rd, 2014

Parallel Construction: Unconstitutional NSA Searches Deny Due Process | Huffington Post

The NSA sits at the nexus of violations of both the Fourth and Fifth Amendments with a legal dodge called Parallel Construction. 528 more words

News Reader

Emergency UK data law

The announcement of the UK government’s push to pass a new data retention law, aka DRIP, sparked great controversy with privacy campaigners and has made quite an impact on social media. 71 more words


Snowden Says Powers of British Intelligence are Not Restricted

In an interview with the London Guardian, Edward Snowden said British intelligence is permitted to go further in surveillance than similar agencies in other Western countries. 199 more words

British Empire Assets