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NSA and GCHQ Using the 'Treasure Map' to Real-Time Spy on World's Internet and Telecom Networks

Latest documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have alleged that there exists a top-secret NSA program that is capable of mapping the entire world’s internet, locating every single smartphone, tablet and computer connected on the web in real-time. 595 more words


IS SIR MALCOLM RIFKIND MAKING 'VEILED' THREATS TO SCOTLAND? AND RECITING POETRY? (this isn't 'James Bond' Rifkind! ... wait... yeah it is!)

‘Scottish Independence’ is more than just ‘Scotland’ being independent, oil and gas… even banking… it set’s a dangerous precedent for ‘Rothschild’, where top MI6/SIS/British Intelligence can potentially ‘revolt’ and strike blows in the heart of ‘The Establishment’. 3,725 more words


NSA/GCHQ TREASUREMAP Docs: "Map the Entire Internet" for "Computer Attack/Exploit Planning"



When it comes to choosing code names for their secret operations, American and British agents demonstrate a flare for creativity. Sometimes they borrow from Mother Nature, with monikers such as “ 393 more words


Ryan Gallagher

GCHQ again caught violating laws in allied countries, infiltrating firms not accused of crimes. But British media will prob totally ignore.


The NSA has a plan to map the entire Internet. It's called 'Treasure Map'

Newly exposed Edward Snowden documents reveal the NSA’s in-depth plan to “map the entire Internet — any device, anywhere, all the time.”

According to a report published today by German news publication  187 more words