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A First Look At SURFRAD

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Since the late Nineties the US has had seven industrial-strength stations that measure a variety of climate variables every minute, 24/7. 958 more words


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Good work --- I was not aware of these stations!

Cold is warm, warm is cold, say the warmers

They think that the coldest November in a long time is just a prelude to the warmest year.  I am Michael Jordan and can dunk with both hands. 11 more words

Climate Change

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The Warmers have adopted a Muslim trick of religious dissimulation, or taqiyya which allows them to say what ever they want as long as it advances their Cause! Since the warming believe is not based on fact but is based on belief it is a religion and therefore this is allowed!

All Energy Transfer Is Due to Differences In Energy

Venus is very hot, but has no weather. This is partly because they have a uniform temperature across the surface, day and night. There is no mechanism to produce heat flow. 166 more words

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Amen to that!

One word changes the meaning

The headline says more than 2/3  of U. S. capacity from wind in October.  They left out the word “new.” 446 more words

Clean Energy

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There is one other issue that applies to Solar and Wind power generation and that is the issue of UP TIME. Since most modern coal, oil, water and nuclear plants have UP TIMES around 90% and solar and wind are 1/3 of that, that means that their effective power ratings should be reduced by 2/3's so we can compare apples and apples. This is not an insignificant fact and it has serious ramifications when use is high like in the winter when its cold and in the summer when its hot. Last winter the grid came very close to dropping out --- with less available power we will be more vulnerable to brownouts this winter!

Quote of the week

Barry woods writes in with this interesting and surprising quote, that says quite a lot about the value of the viewpoint of climate skeptics:

From Mark Lynas – India’s Coal conundrum – Which comes first the climate or the poor, and he cites GWPF in that quote! 37 more words

Quote Of The Week

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The less energy there is available to people the poorer are the people that is fact. American energy use is way down and so is the median American household income. All this has happened in the last 6 years and this administration is continuing to reduce our ability to make energy for the people so one wonders why they are doing what they are doing?

Needed: Accurate climate forecasts

Focusing on carbon dioxide (because that’s where the money is) threatens forecasts, and lives

Guest essay by Paul Driessen and David R. Legates

President Obama’s agreement with China is about as credible as his “affordable care” pronouncements. 1,363 more words

Climate News

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No disagreement from me, the push to reduce CO2 is counter productive in all areas as all it does is misuse scarce resources to no real purpose.