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Free Revision Apps

I have come across these revision apps via Twitter. They are free!  There are available for Apple and Android operating systems. Best way to find – search ‘Revise Of Mice and Men’ and ‘Revise Conflict Poetry’ or take a look at their website -  22 more words

GCSE English Literature

Poetry Q and A

Before the Easter break you each asked a question about the Poetry exam. I have collated your questions and below are answers to your queries. This is worth a read as I have included quotes from last year’s examiners’ report – this essentially tells you what the examiners like and don’t like! 1,634 more words

GCSE English Literature

Of Mice and Men - The Ending

It could be said that Steinbeck has written a tragic novel. He loosely follows, the traditions of Greek tragedy, where all the action takes place within 24hours – here it is stretched to nearly 48. 506 more words

GCSE English Literature

Another Unseen Poem for you to tackle

If you feel you need more practice on Section B of the Poetry exam, have a look at the following Unseen Poem from January 2013. 191 more words

GCSE English Literature

Recap on Unit 1 Section B - Of Mice and Men

Year 11 – here are the slides from the Tuesday’s lesson.

Ensure you keep reading all of the texts over the Easter break!

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GCSE English Literature

Approaching Of Mice and Men as a societal critique

I often pursue aspects of a novel with a question such as “why did the author write this text in this way at this time in their life or in the context of the worlds in which they live?” I am concerned that it is often hard for students to approach an essay about the significance of a certain character unless they can see how the character fits into the overall vision of the writer. 2,079 more words

IGCSE Support

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A great blog post offering some wonderful interpretations - definitely worth a look! Miss O

Light and Dark in Of Mice and Men

A great collection of quotes here (taken from the wonderful Wildern English) to show Steinbeck’s use of light and dark in Of Mice and Men.   45 more words

GCSE English Literature