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Recap on Unit 1 Section B - Of Mice and Men

Year 11 – here are the slides from the Tuesday’s lesson.

Ensure you keep reading all of the texts over the Easter break!

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GCSE English Literature

Approaching Of Mice and Men as a societal critique

I often pursue aspects of a novel with a question such as “why did the author write this text in this way at this time in their life or in the context of the worlds in which they live?” I am concerned that it is often hard for students to approach an essay about the significance of a certain character unless they can see how the character fits into the overall vision of the writer. 2,079 more words

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A great blog post offering some wonderful interpretations - definitely worth a look! Miss O

Light and Dark in Of Mice and Men

A great collection of quotes here (taken from the wonderful Wildern English) to show Steinbeck’s use of light and dark in Of Mice and Men.   45 more words

GCSE English Literature

Easter Essay Tasks

Please attempt at least 2 of the following questions. I suggest focus on the elements you feel least confident with. Feel free to email work through to me over Easter. 592 more words

GCSE English Literature

Your possible exam questions

In today’s lesson we revised the chapters in The Woman in Black. Some of you have a great knowledge of the texts, some of you need to reread the text as soon as possible. 231 more words

GCSE English Literature

Model Introduction for The Woman in Black Essay

Year 11 – I have marked your essays on The Woman in Black and the ghost story genre. Solid effort, many of you listened to feedback and improved your grade. 345 more words

GCSE English Literature

Revision Sessions

Here are my proposed revision sessions to start after the Easter holidays. The content is yet to be decided and I am happy to focus on areas you are struggling with. 133 more words

GCSE English Literature