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Act 5 Scene 3 - Forever Love

Scene summary:

  • Romeo kills Paris when he tries to stop him entering the tomb.
  • To be with Juliet again, Romeo drinks the potion and dies.
  • 632 more words
GCSE English Literature

Act 3 Scene 1 - love as a cause of violence

This scene sees the deaths of both Mercutio and Tybalt. We can explore the idea of love as cause of conflict – firstly, how Romeo and Juliet’s love may be considered the cause of Mercutio’s death. 778 more words

GCSE English Literature

Teaching literature for examinations...

Being mainly a post for UK readers, provoked by recent controversy over the literature content of GCSE specifications, and the desire of the Gove(rnment) to exclude some well-known and loved American literature texts from being taught… 580 more words


Lord Capulet and his love for Juliet

In our first week together we have looked at the presentation of Lord Capulet in Act 3 Scene 5.

In Act 3 Scene 5:

GCSE English Literature