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Oil Be Blowed: Boko Haram Highlights Crisis in Nigerian Education System

Abduction of 100< #Nigerian schoolgirls by #neosalafist group Boko Haram a stark reminder that Africa's largest economy remains problematic—
ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) April 18, 2014…

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Revision tips and supplies | GCSE & A LEVEL


Hello everyone! I am currently studying for my A levels and I thought I would show you how I revise and just give you all some general tips!  426 more words


I’m starting to get the feeling that I am completely and utterly screwed for these exams. There’s so much to do and so little time!!! I need to revise so badly but I get distracted every 5 seconds. 36 more words


Hardcore Self-Loathing Revision Techniques!

(this is how I’d pitch the importance of revision to teenage boys)

Rather than seeing revision as the sort of menial task forced upon you by the epitome of discipline and unrelatability that is a teacher, you could make it so much less daunting by casting it as a testosterone-fuelled endurance test, to see which of you and your friends can use the most soul-crushing tactics imaginable to obtain those all-important capital letters on a bit of paper; for the record, I think this is how students at Eton prove their ‘manliness’. 746 more words


Student Crush - #5

In the morning when I woke up it was a windy day outside. I know this because I opened the window to check and the wind came rushing in and knocked over the little pile of paper I keep on the windowsill which is for writing letters. 1,881 more words


That feeling after a day of productive revision, when your mind feels exercised and a part of you is looking forward to the approaching exams, when the sun still hasn’t set but you have completed your tasks for the day and you lie back, relaxed. Unbeatable.


Stop Hating On Exams

(partly because it’s too easy to get annoyed about – like getting angry at UKIP, it’s way too mainstream)

Howdy folks, my blogging holiday is now over – and a very productive holiday it was, with me completing seven timed papers for my exams this summer – and so I’m ready to start wasting my precious free time by bitching about stuff beyond my control, like  a depressingly self-aware monkey is a zoo lamenting the fact that his life’s high point will be finding a spot in his enclosure to have sex that’s not full of gawping humans on the other side of the glass, on a blog on which around 99.9% of its viewers consists of… 689 more words

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