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Aspire, believe, create

In burst of new-term enthusiasm, decide to tackle Paperwork, and draw up Family Budget for year; hope that have overlooked hidden source of income and rifle through old files in hopes of finding some long-forgotten Post Office book. 67 more words

Quickie In The Curry House

A young relative did well in her recent G.C.S.Es and deserved a curry, so we went to our favourite curry house, the most excellent Vojon, and after took a spin to Mumbles for an ice cream. 15 more words


Do you see what I see?

Teenage hood brings about a variety of problems. Spots being one of them. Infinite amounts of revision being another. But one issue that intrigues me greatly is not something necessarily obvious to every young person in the world. 515 more words


A little bit about me..

Okay, so first things first I’m a sixth form student just starting my final year of a-levels. I am currently studying 3 a-levels. I have no set direction in which I would like to go, however at the moment it looks like teaching. 334 more words


An A Level student attempting to inspire

Welcome to ‘The Beginning of Your Journey’. I’m hoping that maybe you’re a teenager? Because as I enter my last year of school, I decided to start this blog to give all my (possibly helpful, possibly not) advice, tips, rants and stories on why secondary school is one of the most important periods of your life. 112 more words


Busy Bee

I am now officially a GCSE student, which surely counts as a valid reason for not posting recently. I’ve been so busy this week, we started straight into GCSE material – no transition period – and I’ve been trying to cope with 4 or 5 homeworks per night and an unreasonable religion teacher (what is it about me and religion teachers?). 148 more words

My job is a very pleasant one

It’s now coming up to my 7th anniversary tutoring for Osborne Cawkwell. All this time my ‘day-job’ has been as a class teacher of maths and statistics in an independent 6th form college. 241 more words

Osborne Cawkwell