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It’s hell for me to sit an exam,

Oh, I know, I’m making such a big deal.

They don’t mean much, all these exams and grades, 266 more words




Okay, so I don’t have this planned out at all i’m just going to ramble because I need to talk about this.

Basically, I’m in year 11. 1,065 more words


Mock Exams...

What a pain in the arse.

Good Evening,

School is nothing but a pain in the bloody neck. This summer I have to do 24 exams, in the space of just over a month. 311 more words

Mock Exams

Book Review: F in Exams

I’m sure everyone has seen the types of questions that make up this book, whether in a book, in the paper or on the news. I had wanted to get this book for quite a while but couldn’t justify paying even a couple of quid for a book that I would finish reading within hours that doesn’t even have a story to it, so when I saw it on Amazon Kindle store for 99p earlier in the month, I bought it straight away. 357 more words


Kelly's Proofreading Tips

Following on from my post yesterday about revision tips, today I thought I’d talk about proofreading for those of you doing coursework and other exciting things which requires checking big chunks of text. 390 more words


Exam week stress relief

This year we hit the battle of year 11 which means exam upon exam upon exam. Continuous tests of your knowledge which whilst it’s happening seems like the most meaningless thing to ever happen. 308 more words

Kelly's Revision Tips

A lot of my friends are in their second year of university and so have been spending the last couple of weeks revising (or more realistically, putting off revising) for their upcoming exams. 469 more words