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China GDP: the Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

GDP decreased to 7.4% better than the forecast 7.3% – but still below the original growth forecast of 7.7

The Bad:

The sequential GDP Q1 is 1.4% – so the sequential GDP should be a meager 5.7% if you can do a simple sum  (which, most probably, is the reality). 80 more words

Economic Calendar Asia Session

New Zealand will be reporting its CPI numbers tonight, kiwi has had a small set back from its recent strength but I think the trajectory is higher against most of the G10 given its path towards raising rates.  118 more words

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UK Debt Is Actually £100 Billion Higher Than We Thought, Official Stats Body To Say

Courtesy of Huff Po:

George Osborne’s austerity message is set to be dented by the government’s own statistics body, as it prepares to adopt new calculations that mean the UK’s public sector debt will be £100 billion greater than estimated. 285 more words


Statistically Speaking

The book author and the reviewer consider the value and importance of the statistics that make our economy “the” Economy.

The consensus seems that focusing on a small handful of statistical indicators of economic well being is short sighted. 145 more words

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Grow your GDP 65% overnight

Nigeria recently ‘rebased’ its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) making it the largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa.

Most countries rebase the GDPs regularly to reflect the changes in products and services within the economy. 44 more words

Paul Squirrell

Nigeria Now Has Africa's Largest Economy

Revised GDP reports for Nigeria’s economy in 2013 reveal that the country has surpassed South Africa as the African continent’s largest economy. The original estimate of 42.4 trillion naira has now been adjusted to 80.2 trillion naira, allowing Nigeria to “leapfrog” South Africa’s economy and ascend to 24th on the global list of economies.  105 more words


"Three Expensive Milliseconds": Society Is Devoting An Ever-Growing Share Of Its Resources To Financial Wheeling And Dealing

Four years ago Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, abruptly canceled America’s biggest and arguably most important infrastructure project, a desperately needed new rail tunnel under the Hudson River. 789 more words