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Inclusive Growth – some steps in the right direction

Last week I emphasised the need for strong definitions when using ‘inclusive growth’ in strategies and work plans. I also highlighted some possible ingredients that should be considered for this. 412 more words

Private Sector

Failure to Invest in America's Infrastructure Imperils Economic Growth

Investment in America’s infrastructure is critical to sustaining long term economic growth. In fact, there is no logical basis not to invest in infrastructure. Presently, we have a crumbling infrastructure. 178 more words

The Countries Where You’re Surrounded By Tourists

The Vatican still qualifies as a huge outlier relative to the rest of the world. My method estimates that there are about five tourists there on average for every one resident, or a tourist percentage of 83 percent. 213 more words


Nigeria's Inclusive Growth Prospects

Last weekend, I and some friends hopped on a Google Hangout to discuss McKinsey Global Institute’s report on Nigeria’s inclusive growth prospects and what needs to happen for the country to realize that potential.  342 more words


Is the Lost Decade of Japan a Myth?

Real GDP of Japan and US From 2000 (indexed)

Real GDP of Japan and US from 1980 (indexed)

The only way you can get to the “lost decades” story is if you start your chart exactly when Japan was busting and America booming. 10 more words


Lets be clear on what the “middle class” is

Key Points

  • A number of world leaders, including the Australian Prime Minister, have claimed that millions of people have been lifted out of extreme poverty and are now living in the “middle class”.
  • 278 more words
Global Development

Raponomics - Who Said Economics Can't Be Fun?

A Humorous Approach For Easy Learning

If you know a bit of Economics, chances are high that you have heard of Keynes and Hayek, and if you are new to this world, open up your sense of humour and embrace Raponomics. 83 more words