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Solly Moeng speaks of Reputation management with relevance to Uber

Solly Moeng is a brand reputation management adviser and CEO of strategic corporate communications consultancy Don Valley, his take on reputation management is as follows: 674 more words


A new way of looking at economics?

I have been thinking recently.  It is a difficult and sometimes painful process I would prefer to avoid.

I have been thinking about how we measure economies and whether GDP is helpful or not.  377 more words

Main Argument

We now resume our regularly scheduled programming, already in progress...

Hello friend!

It’s been some time since my last blog post – life intruded, as it often does.  A marriage, a new house, a new job, and a new degree, all with faithful adherence to the Oxford Comma, meant that Drink Chat Policy went on hiatus for an extended period of time. 586 more words

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Oil & Economics - All Q, No A

Almost nobody saw the crash in oil coming. A handful of savvy investors and analysts shared this thesis but were largely ignored. For all intents and purposes, “nobody” foresaw the action in oil which is the essence of the dumb crowd missing it again. 1,268 more words


Setting the scene for 2015

There are several important drivers that are likely to affect and/or continue to affect the Australian economy in 2015. The list below is not intended as a predication or as a projection – many of the themes below are currently in place. 2,152 more words


The Outlandish Prediction by Bill Gross

Bill Gross is know as “The Bond King.” And with good reason: he co-founded PIMCO and helped grow it to almost $2 trillion in assets. Two trillion! 464 more words


A Lull in the Storm

The Congressional Budget Office has a sterling reputation for collecting accurate data and making credible predictions about basic economic and fiscal trends.  CBO analyses, which are based on current law, are generally accepted as valid by both liberals and conservatives.  314 more words

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