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Growing opportunities in diverse sectors of Nigerian economy

RANKED 26th in the world in terms of gross domestic product (GDP), (nominal: 30th in 2013 before rebasing, 40th in 2005), and the largest economy in Africa (based on rebased figures announced in April 2014), Nigeria is a middle income emerging market, with expanding financial, service, communications, technology and entertainment sectors. 2,965 more words

Global Politics & the Power of Numbers

Global Politics & the Power of Numbers: How Data and Statistics Shape our  (Mis)Understanding of the World
4th September 2014 | Hörsaal A, Osteuropa-Institut, Garystr. 55 | Freie Universität Berlin… 116 more words


Sri Lanka’s coasts, agriculture under threat from Climate Change - report


Widespread degradation of Sri Lanka’s coastal and agricultural resources due to climate change could cost the economy more than 6% of its gross domestic product (GDP) by the end of this century, says a new Asian Development Bank (ADB) climate and economics report for South Asia. 596 more words


One way to tell how rich a country is: Look at its profusion of Android phones

There are now nearly five times the number of phone models running Google’s Android operating systems in use in the world as there were in 2012. 398 more words

Europe - The recession is really a depression

Eurozone GDP still hasnt gotten back to its 2007 level, and doesnt look like it will anytime soon. Indeed, it already wasnt clear if its last recession was even over before we found out the eurozone had stopped growing again in the second quarter. 41 more words

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Quarterly Gross Domestic Product by State, 2005–2013 (Prototype Statistics)

  • The quarterly GDP by state prototype statistics for 2005-2013 provide a more complete picture of economic growth across states as they evolve from quarter to quarter.
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