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Roti canai dengan kari gear box..!!

Lama jugak tak update blog….. Jarang nak amik gambar makanan sekarang ni… tu pasal takder modal nak update blog…

Tapi baru-baru ni sempat amik gambar jugak…. 191 more words

Food Around Town

The Who was asking for this game? Seriously whats the point of it? Award

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but in recent weeks two Borderlands games have been released. One is Tales from the Borderlands, a rather good comedy game made by the always wonderful Telltale, and the other is…… Well it’s the winner of “The Who Was asking for this game? 224 more words

Video Games

Wanklemut - My Head Is A Jungle (Gear Box Remix)

Here is the latest track that I have been working on. It’s a remix of Wanklemut’s “My Head Is A Jungle”. The track features parts of the vocals from the original track, placed into one that I have created from scratch. 449 more words


Ghost DJs & Producers - What's The Point?

It’s been hard to ignore the increasing number of fans and respected DJs complaining about so called ‘Ghost DJs’ and how they are demoralising the art of live mixing. 758 more words

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