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AKG Y50 On-Ear Headphones Review

AKG is a brand that I’ve honestly never heard of before but a quick look at their history shows that they’ve actually been around for more than 60+ years and have been used by music professionals all around the world. 1,764 more words


A Peachy Trick in Kitchen Tools: Teeth

Never mind the nirvana of freshly picked peaches. I’ve discovered a new tool that takes all my garden girl kitchen gadgets to task! Yes, the perfume of peaches is intoxicating and the rosy-glow¬†skin makes everything seem peachy-keen. 147 more words

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Nyko Announces New Power Pak for PlayStation 4

One of the main complaints about the new DualShock 4 controller for the PS4 is that the battery in it does not last very long. I don’t mind recharging it every other night, but for some, it’s a hassle. 291 more words

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Chrome Industries Vega Utility Bag Review

For the most part, I’ve been a backpack sort of guy. I carry a backpack with me on a daily basis to work, I carry one when I travel, and I even carry one sometimes when I’m just out and about on the town. 1,600 more words


What to Do With 54 Pounds of Blackberries?

We have a joke at our farm, specifically describing my husband’s excitement for anything outdoors, his work ethic, and his hunger to grow: “Why do, when you can… 439 more words

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JBL Pulse Wireless Speaker Review

I’ve been using wireless Bluetooth speakers for quite a while now around the house and when I’m outdoors. I love listening to music when I’m either doing chores around the house, hanging by the pool, or just lounging around, but what I do hate is listening to my music from the built in speakers on my mobile device. 1,711 more words


JBL Synchros Reflect In-ear Headphones Review

In-ear headphones have their place in the world, despite how many people you see these days wearing both on and around-ear units. For one, in-ear units are usually much smaller and easier to carry around with you and second, they stay in place much better especially for those who live an active lifestyle. 1,330 more words