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Samsung Gear S UK released delayed – coming November 11

Back in August, Samsung lifted the lid on the Gear S, its Tizen-powered smartwatch that comes with its own SIM card slot. This means that it doesn t need to pair with a smartphone to take or make calls. 154 more words

SnapJet is the World’s First Open Source Instant Film Printer for Smartphones

Competition in the smartphone instant film printer industry is heating up. Companies likeLifePrint and Fuji are tackling wireless mobile photo printers, and The Impossible Project has its analog Instant Lab. 253 more words


Nikon Patent Shows a Vibrating DSLR Shutter Button That Helps You Track Moving Subjects

Cameras have many different methods of guiding photographers toward capturing quality shots, but physical feedback isn’t really one of them… yet. In addition to providing useful visual and auditory information, DSLRs in the future might actually guide photographers through their sense of touch. 124 more words


HP’s New Sprout Computer Could Transform the Way We Interact with Photos

HP has announced a futuristic new personal computer called Sprout that hopes to transform the way we interact with our computers. The system consists of an all-in-one Windows 8 computer, a system of 3D scanning cameras, a large tactile touchpad, and a projector that beams a display onto the touchpad. 182 more words


Mushan's New Journal: Preparing for the Iron Horde


My name is Mushan. In order to protect my online privacy, I will not be disclosing my surname.

I am a hunter. I can do almost anything that hunters around the world can do, but I specialize in pinpoint marksmanship, and I always have. 960 more words


Lumera Connects Your DSLR to Your Phone to Give it One-Tap Sharing and Backup

As more and more cameras make their way into smartcamera territory, there are countless DSLRs that could very easily get left in the dust. 315 more words


Samsung Gear S coming to the US on November 7

Samsung has announced that the Gear S, the Korean tech giant s new smartwatch that sports a SIM card allowing it to make and receive calls without pairing with a smartphone, will be available in the US on the 7th of November. 114 more words