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As dusk fell yesterday, I set out for Griffith Observatory. Which is at the top of Griffith Park. Which was given to the city of Los Angeles by – who else?  651 more words


Awesome female characters: an addendum

This was gonna get scheduled for later this afternoon, but the post I wanted to write this morning sort of fell apart in the writing, so I’ll do it now.   526 more words


Word Crimes and Blogging

I read a fair few blogs. Some I’ve stumbled across, some are by friends and family, and some are just random posts and not blogs that I read on a regular basis. 476 more words


so what makes a convention great?

Conventions have been one of my primary ways of socializing for a long time.  I started attending them in…I believe it was this convention in 1985, as I remember making a birthday card for Peter Davison and getting the chance (thanks to a fan club membership) to meet him at some point during the weekend. 878 more words



When I was very young the view from my bedroom window looked up to the massive tree in the front of our house. It was either a maple or a sycamore. 625 more words


In which read the disclaimers

Warning: Geek content substantially higher than normal.

I genuinely consider getting rid of my old-school D&D rulebooks to be one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my adult life.   662 more words


In which these are the jokes, people...

…apparently they’re making marinara on Krypton now:

(Shut up leave me alone OH GOD I’M SO TIRED)