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Because It Really IS A Problem: Turning A Blind Eye To Inequality In Games

Just yesterday, I watched the second part of Anita Sarkeesian’s brilliant analysis of ‘Women As Background Decoration’ in her series Tropes vs Women. It depicts the various, often graphic, ways in which women are included in games as background characters to be brutalized, demeaned and murdered in the course of video games. 1,709 more words

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BOOM! Studios Comic Book Previews: Regular Show #14 + Steed and Mrs. Peel - We’re Needed #2

Regular Show #14
Writer: KC Green
Artist: Allison Strejlau
Release Date: August 27th

It’s time to check out what happens at the coffee shop when Mordecai and Rigby are off on their own and Eileen is definitely up to something. 121 more words



I am pretty darn excited about PAX 2014 this year. I won’t be working for a games company, which is odd. But, I will still be there working! 349 more words


BOOM! Studios Comic Book Previews: Bee and PuppyCat #3 + Bravest Warriors #23

Bee and PuppyCat #3
Writers: Tait Howard, Madeline Flores, Ian McGinty, Anissa Espinosa
Artists: Tait Howard, Madeline Flores, Ian McGinty, Anissa Espinosa
Release Date: August 27th…
161 more words



This is a tweet from a grown man. He has a very professional job, lots of responsibilities, and many followers on social media. I don’t know how old this man is, but I know how old I am. 547 more words

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World's End (2013) - Fuck Geek Culture for Making Me a Millionaire

The World’s End may be a shit film but at least it is full of bitterness and self-recrimination. The roots of that bitterness reach all the way back to the late 1990s when the writers of… 2,847 more words