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Calling out Fake Geek Guys

Hold the phone. A man just wrote a screed on sexual harassment and bullying in comics fandom.

And holy crap, it is the most amazing thing I have read in a while. 858 more words

Gun Totin' Girl Gamer

In the mist of virtual battlefields,
Girl Gamer blasts away enemies,
her mad skills twist and tease,
the male-players.

Girl Gamer knows she’s best,
leaving behind the rest, 554 more words


Fake geek girls

Why the idea should die

by Shelby Mitchell/News & Opinions

The stories are endless; male sci-fi fans who berate girls despite a woman being the first to write science fiction; “gamer girls” avoiding playing games like “Call of Duty” with the mics on for fear of harassment; a woman being told, “I bet you don’t even know the ending” of a game before she reveals that she, in fact, wrote it; an angry anon commenting on how “the picture of that stupid hipster chick in the Star Wars shirt needs to stop she probably hasn’t even seen all the movies” when the “stupid hipster chick” wearing the Stop Wars shirt was, in fact, Natalie Portman. 340 more words


No, Girls Aren't Trying To Impress You By Gaming or Watching Sports

Showing off your interests, especially in the social media age, is not unique to one gender or demographic. So, why is it that females tend to get the short end of the stick? 621 more words

Social Commentary

The (Fake) Geek Girl Project / 1: The How-to

You may read the foreword to this series, As Always, it Started With Star Trek: A Study On Geek Girls.

For a little over two years now, geek culture has been tormented with a raging debate, that of the ”fake” geek girl. 910 more words


Google and CoCo and Geek Girls, oh my!

If you’ve ever checked the lines for the bathrooms at minnebar, you know that men far outnumber women in the tech world.  @CoCoMSP (Coworking and Collaborative spaces in St. 105 more words

A Brand New Disney Tag

In the spirit of this month’s theme: Tags, for the IGGPPC Vlogger channel, I created a new Disney tag. Feel free to make a video or do a post about it =) 151 more words