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Comic Review: Under the Flesh

In a world…..

There are so many zombie comics that basically tell the same story. A virus, lots of dead, dead coming back to life, societal break-down, survival.etc. 309 more words

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SlashCode: Wear Your Passions

Something very special is happening on the internet. A new company, SlashCode, has been born out of love and passion for all things geeky and is responsible for creating amazing fashion designed specifically for us. 358 more words

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The Rage of the Geekette

In Huw Powell’s article featured today on the Guardian, The Rise of the Geekettes, he seems to be under the impression that ‘geek girls’ are newfangled breed of woman, fresh-spawned from the loins of our great mother, Lady Web 2.0. 949 more words

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To the mama in Target with 3 kids - I'm sorry, I had NO IDEA

Some months ago when I was about 7 months prego and totally knew everything about how I was going to parent, I totally and wrongfully judge you, Mama. 705 more words

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Comikaze Toni & Why fangirls matter!

Our very own Toni Adams will be taking part in a panel at Comikaze this weekend.


She and the other contributors at Fangirl Nation… 182 more words


Geek Girls & Gear - Episode 1!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of Geek Girls & Gear!

This series will be dedicated to highlighting some of the awesome gear that geeks girls make! 31 more words


Don't Feed the (Internet) Trolls

I see it almost everyday, in every forum, in every comment section Рsome jerk-off trying to get a rise out of good people trying to legitimately  share their opinions online. 330 more words

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