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From 'Star Trek' To LGBT Spokesman, What It Takes 'To Be Takei'

Many fans know George Takei from his role as Mr. Sulu on the 1960s show Star Trek. But in the past decade, he has drawn followers who admire him because of who he is — not just who he has played. 81 more words

FYI: For Your Information

Honestly, I love the outdoors and going on adventures.  However, if I had all those gaming systems, I’m not sure I would see daylight for a long time.

Funny Pics

Is the 16GB iPhone ‘the biggest ripoff in tech?’

Is the 16GB iPhone ‘the biggest ripoff in tech?’


Are Apple and other smartphone manufacturers straight-up gouging you when it comes to smartphone storage? Laptop Mag’s… 258 more words


Google shares new Google Drive

Recently, Google gave us a preview on a redesigned look on Google Drive. There are more useful features and redesigned app like Google Slides, instead of Presentation. 100 more words


Gareth Edwards returns to direct 'Godzilla 2' with Rodan and Mothra

Godzilla’s return to theaters this summer was a huge success, and now Legendary Pictures has confirmed that it’s making a sequel. At San Diego Comic-Con, the studio announced that director Gareth Edwards is back on board to helm the sequel, and it turns out that Godzilla won’t be alone in this picture. 129 more words


Video: Wheel For Cats is it Genius or Crazy?

It’s called One Fast Cat. At 48-inches across, the circular, cat-powered cat-treadmill is a oversized version of the exercise wheels commonly associated with lab rodents. 242 more words