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36 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Marvel Comics

36 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Marvel Comics

It’s really such a shame Michael Jackson never got a chance to play Spider-Man. (See #17!)


Thor Is Now A Woman

If you thought Archie’s death was shocking, this one will rock your comic world even more. Thor is now the Goddess of Thunder. Time to take those estrogen pills… 225 more words


I Ditched My iPhone For A Samsung Galaxy S5 And Was Blown Away By What I Was Missing With Apple

Until recently, I was a loyal Apple customer, with two MacBooks and an iPhone 5. But I recently moved from New York to London, and that meant I needed a new phone number. 1,626 more words

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Star Wars Suggested Viewing Order

There have been many postings over the years about in what order the Star Wars movies should be watched in.  The best order I have seen suggested is as follows: 95 more words


Leliana's Costume Breakdown

Leliana, of Dragon Age: Inquisition, will be the most complicated costume I have worked on to date, simply based on numbers alone. Previous costumes have maxed out at 4 constructed pieces. 705 more words

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Cosplay Quest: Leliana of Dragon Age Inquisition

No one expects….the Dragon Age Inquisition!

Last week Bioware announced that Leliana would return in the newest Dragon Age game. At 7:20pm on July 2 my PAX Prime cosplay plans went from mildly ambivalent to absolutely certain. 522 more words