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Cosplay WIP—Leliana's Coat of Leather & Mail

I had hoped to have a completed coat of armor done last weekend, but this garment is proving to be more time consuming than I thought. 1,172 more words

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'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' fans upset by 9/11 poster art

It’s easy to make fun of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. The trailer looks like a Michael Bay parody and frightens children, and the first set of movie posters were  74 more words


NASA knows its future is somewhere at San Diego Comic-Con

When you think of San Diego Comic-Con, you’re probably more like to think of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise than NASA’s Apollo 11, but all of that might be about to change. 100 more words


This pic is correct. I would be indoors for a long, long time!

Honestly, I love the outdoors and going on adventures.  However, if I had all those gaming systems, I’m not sure I would see daylight for a long time.

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Gareth Edwards returns to direct 'Godzilla 2' with Rodan and Mothra

Godzilla’s return to theaters this summer was a huge success, and now Legendary Pictures has confirmed that it’s making a sequel. At San Diego Comic-Con, the studio announced that director Gareth Edwards is back on board to helm the sequel, and it turns out that Godzilla won’t be alone in this picture. 129 more words


Video: Star Wars Rebels: Extended Trailer (Official)

Star Wars Rebels: Extended Trailer (Official)

The new original animated series, Star Wars Rebels, is coming to “Disney XD” this October.

In the trailer, viewers receive a better look at the Rebels team and the show’s plot. 84 more words