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My favorite books about cults...(D)

I have always been intrigued by cults. I  have an anti-cult personality, if you will, but I do find the psychology of it all fascinating. Groupthink, a charismatic leader, martyrdom for a cause etc… I was recently rereading the novel Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk  and decided to make a list of my 5 favorite books about cults (in no particular order). 838 more words


How to pick up a designer. Lines that work every time.

Warning: Quote after quote emits a hypnotic effect and will have you clicking until eternity

(well actually on 282 as of today).

DesignerDirtyTalk.tumblr.com really made my day but, now I feel like the dirtiest of designers because I understand all of them. 345 more words


Tipsy Gets Social: Social Media Explained with Beer! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many years ago, when we were creating a website for our first start-up venture, there were just 2 buttons on the social widget; Facebook and Twitter. 97 more words


Maura Henn - Internet Enthusiast

Maura has been a lot of things in a small amount of time. A wedding and event photographer. A self portrait artist. A farmer’s market manager and free lance writer. 851 more words

My Favorite App This Week: Avocado

In this digital age its easy to be wired to your network of colleagues and friends, but hard to maintain a deep connection with your mate. 249 more words


Katherine Dunn's "Geek Love" is 25

Wired magazine have reliably informed me that it is 25 years since my favourite book was published, Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love.

Contrary to what you might assume from the title, the “geek” in Geek Love is not a reference to over-enthusiastic role-playing nerds, but rather  an early American incarnation of the word, which was used to describe carnival performers who would indulge in disgusting acts, like biting the heads off live chickens (Alice Cooper wasn’t the first you know). 298 more words

Geek power and love patterns

I’ve started adding new patterns towards my 100 pattern target for 2014,  including some geeky cross stitch patterns like these two:

Cross Stitch