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It's so CLOSE!

My Zero FX is only one week away from being MINE! MDJEU46TJCJDU3489%^e#HDI I’m so excited! The promise of electric speed and two wheels has literally been keeping me up at night. 209 more words


Half Moon, then Blood

Yesterday morning was such a treasure. My intention was to wake up at 5 am and get to work early, but instead, I was fortunate enough to catch a lunar eclipse, which I found out is called the blood moon. 550 more words

The Weekly Geekout: Fan Translation, Rom Hackers, Cartridge Makers

Nostalgia is something powerful in society but even more so Geek Culture. It is used to sell us new products, it compels us to buy old products, and most of all it gives us something to debate. 764 more words


Legend Of Korra Book 4 Episode 1 After all these years... The Initial Geek-OUT/ REaction Video!

So, Episode 1 was a strong start.  Nothing too amazing yet, but they have plenty of time to wow us after this nice set up!  Some of my reactions include, Kuvira dating Skrillex!???   32 more words


Book inspired Candles

From the Page candles are all inspired from novels to give you a taste of your favorite fictional worlds! Check them out here.

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It's a Library cake!


I’ve seen book cakes before, but this was a first :D . Courtesy of architectureanddesign

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2014 NYC Books of Wonder Visit (Fierce Reads)

A year ago I posted about my first Books of Wonder event in New York City, and now I can post about my second. My boyfriend and I try to visit NYC every year to see some of his family. 194 more words