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Houses of Awesome Exploration

You may have seen this already, but the project is so fun and laudable that I’ll boost it some more.

Students from the Albert Einstein Institute created these Game of Thrones style… 71 more words


"But first, let me put it on a t-shirt."

I have a really strange obsession with t-shirts. Well, with expressing myself via my t-shirts. I live for the occasions when random strangers stop me to tell me how awesome my t-shirt is, or give me the silent nod of approval. 258 more words

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Katie's Favorite Authors

I love reading. Reading is my absolute favorite thing in the world to do. Always has been, always will be. And I’m very loyal when it comes to my favorite authors. 561 more words

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Falling In Love With DC all over again

Yes, I am a comic geek. I love everything about superheroes. You might not be able to tell with my twisted writing and poems. But I have been a Batman and Superman fan for as long as I know. 359 more words


Lorem L. Ipsum, Dumb Ass!

Lorem ipsum is a nonsense Latin-esque text that designers use as placeholder text on their drafts. For movie fans, there is now an unforgettable version: the… 142 more words

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Conventional Attractions: Anime, Comic, and Gaming Conventions in Ireland

As the editor of this section and nominal ‘ultimate geek’ of MISC, I’m somewhat ashamed that I’ve left it till the 3rd issue to write an article about Irish fan conventions. 380 more words

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Michelle's April Obsessions

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we become slightly obsessed with things around here. Every month it seems like Katie and I get together to plan out the next month of blog posts (yes, we do actually have a plan even though we rarely follow it), and end up talking about how obsessed we are with the latest batch of BuzzFeed quizes or Instagram filters instead. 677 more words

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