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Put One In The Win Column For The Geeks

The Machines do not care that it is almost Thanksgiving, Modern Philosophers.

Their plans for The Robot Apocalypse do not grind to a halt simply because the humans they wish to enslave take a day off to stuff themselves with turkey.  422 more words


Hey, Geek Squad, give Linda G. a new laptop

I think Linda G. Hill deserves a brand new laptop from her local Geek Squad.

Do you want to become part of a grand blogging/social media experiment with me today? 454 more words


Nano Poblano - Day 21: Oh yes, I went there

How it should have gone:

Geek Squad Mike: How can I help you?

Me: I’ll start at the beginning, shall I? Here we go. In April, or maybe even March, I came in with my laptop because the battery was shutting the machine off at 70% power. 213 more words


Update: Internet

I posted previously that my internet was down at home.

I got home from the FRC course last night and it was working again. It seems I had a phone line down somewhere outside my house, I got a call from the repairman while I was in class the other day. 298 more words


Today I battled a flat tire

I have a zillion million things to do today…that’s an exact figure. And I have been cranking out the work this morning.  Let’s just say, I almost had my 10k steps by 11am. 1,019 more words

Try Something New

Yay #HintingSeason

There is a promotion by Best Buy on Twitter. You use #HintingSeason in order to hint for something that you would like for Christmas.

I have just started using Twitter. 111 more words

The Tech Fairy

Yeah, yeah, there’s no such thing as the Tech Fairy (though there should be!) especially when that technology fails. However what does one do with technology—say a printer and computer—when it still works but no longer as the memory for what you’re doing? 322 more words