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No Geek Squad Protection for Me!

Last month I purchased my mid-2012 Apple MacBook Pro from Best Buy and since that transaction, it has really changed my life for the better. Not only is it my first laptop ever but it allows me to keep blogging for my blogs (and soon to be another blog later this month) and also manage my social media. 751 more words

My computer's woes are temporarily fixed

Greetings, readers. This past Tuesday, I took the five-year-old laptop to Best Buy, here in State College, for what I’d hoped would be a quick fix of my internet issue, for not that much money. 235 more words


A Lesson Learned

Readers, I have missed you. On May 31st, my computer hard drive died. I immediately headed to Best Buy where I purchased a new hard drive. 127 more words

0038 - Wolfenstein: The New Order One Hour Review


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Tech Professionals & End Users, Please STOP This. Buy & Sell Better!

It’s funny. In the technology world, I’m pretty displaced because I’m not a code-writer or walking around with a pocket protector and tape on my specs. 401 more words

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