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the 10 of my love/hate relationship with technology.

Specifically, wordpress, computers as a people and automated services.

1) Yesterday, I couldn’t type on my computer. Its connected (??) VIA wireless mouse and keyboard because my husband thinks he’s Jack Bauer and I’m his hot side kick. 554 more words

Telecom Retail Design - Is it Evolving?

Retail is under pressure. Bricks and mortar can be expensive, good quality sales people can be expensive – and in this ever moving World driven by GROWTH, the numbers need to balance. 1,267 more words

Rob My House...Please!

Nothing says”Home-invade my house” like the Geek Squad “Home Theatre Install” van parked outside your house for two days.

Except maybe the Tiffany’s “Really Large Diamond” delivery van parked in your driveway.

My Poor Computer

My computer has been on the fritz for the last few months and it finally crapped out on me, it still turns on but that’s all it does.   332 more words


It is time for affordable IT.

I was 15 and my family was experiencing some trouble with our WiFi network. By this time, it was well established that I was the de facto IT specialist of the household, so the problem fell to me. 391 more words


Top Ten Signs You're Trapped in Cyberspace, or Have You Tried Social Media Anonymous?

You spend more time on the Internet than Hitler spends on regrets.

If it’s not on Facebook, Youtube or MySpace, you’ll never know about it. 136 more words