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I’ve reached that stage of my life that involves great amounts of revision – end of Year 11. It’s such a blast.

I am endlessly shocked by my year group. 381 more words

Wordpress "Unable to locate plugin directory"

I’ve been Googling this all day, asking around, testing different solutions….and finally I foundĀ it.

There was one simple line in this article that finally fixed my problem: 187 more words


Winter Soldier

Me: Is Captain America your favorite superhero? Or your favorite Marvel superhero?

Wife: My favorite Marvel superhero.

Me: Interesting. So who’s your favorite superhero?

Wife: Probably … Captain America.

Dr. Who Is Slowly Taking Over My Household

My wife, who usually is the the person in charge of the remote control in our household; mainly because I usually watch a handful of shows but mostly because she would destroy my world if I dared to change the channel. 298 more words

Metal Geeks


WonderCon 2014 has begun !

by Madison Kennedy APRIL 17, 2014

Those who bought a 3-Days or Friday badge could come today (Thursday), to pick it up one day before the Convention starts, so to avoid the big lines expected tomorrow… Which I did, advised by a friend :)

Madison Kennedy

New Phone Downgrade

Two years ago I got myself a Samsung Galaxy S3 on a 24 month contract from 3. For this I got Unlimited Everything. My calls, texts, and data usage were all completely unrestricted and I got what was at the time a top of the line phone too. 575 more words

Bear knitting

One of my bears, Eve, was recently sighted in South Africa!

Last year I sent 12 bears to the Mother Bear Project, and lately I’ve found several of them with their new owners. 98 more words