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Band Trip!!!

Hey guys! It’s me, Nari!!! XD Glad to see you all here! Guess what! I’m going to Indiana!!! :) I’m going on a trip in band class. 99 more words

Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer!!!

Welll I’m currently at school getting some studying in when I decided to check out youtube and saw that the teaser trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot is up. 238 more words


Stop Bullying

You look at me, Like I am weak-a fragile piece
You ignore my voice and turn away
Only to come back, To kick me on my guts and call me names. 233 more words

Geeked out

I’m not really a jewelry person, with emotional exceptions of course. However, I just discovered a line of jewelry that someone must have designed with us geeks in mind- there are things like double helix earrings, and my personal favorite, a pendant with the chemical structure of the serotonin molecule engraved on it. 313 more words

Milkshakes and Cashmere

Spearmint milkshakes, fedora’s and some pretty snazzy glasses that I picked up for $5 at a junk store is all I needed to complete this look. 55 more words


Geek in Residence

I’m really, really animated about being Timespan‘s Geek in Residence from the beginning of February 2015. Yes, that’s right: GEEK. I’ll be spending three months in the north of Scotland working with the latest digital production technology– 3D printers, CNC mills, etc.– to think through, experiment and explore with the local community the impact and possibilities for high tech equipment and global connectivity in places far from the usual urban centres of R&D or artistic practice. 38 more words

21st Century

On Anime Clubs

Yeah, I’ve been taking a break from the internet. My work term has me programming on the computer all day, so the last thing I want to do when I get home is spend more time online. 975 more words