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Lexx Appeal- S2 Ep4 (Luv Liner)

Hagan and Omega continue to show their Lexx Appeal by watching Lexx Season 2 episode 4- Luv Liner! (aka the one with the worst space brothel ever, Jeff ‘was the best thing in Siege’ Pustil and oh, poor 790..)


Moar speed

I’ve been keeping an eye on my super new broadband speed since Virgin Media gave me a free speed bump.

Of course, the speed you get when you do a speed test doesn’t really mean much as there are many variables affecting the speed at which a website appears in your browser window (etc.), not to mention the impact of other devices on the same LAN sharing that bandwidth. 33 more words


Amsterdam's Schiphol airport launches fleet of electric taxis

Traveling by jet airplane may not be the greenest mode of transportation, but if you’re landing at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, at least you’ll be able to get into town under pure electric power.

168 more words

Heroes & Villains 2014: Madness in the Asylum

Halloween is fast approaching. ┬áIt’s the time of year for letting your wildness show; your inner character, quirkiness — whatever it is society recommends you keep hidden the other 364 days a year. 950 more words


Block Mangafesto: Dorohedoro

A new review! Hope you guys enjoy this review; it’s one of my favorites and just in time for Halloween!

“Dorohedoro” is a fantasy manga written and illustrated by Q Hayashida (if the name is familiar, she is known for the manga “Maken X Another”). 309 more words


The Binge

It’s Saturday morning, boys and girls! When I was a kid, this day typically started off with a bowl full of sugar (cereal) while watching SuperFriends, Smurfs and Bugs Bunny. 385 more words