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Managing multiple printers via the command line - Mac OS X Hints

We have about 30 printers at work. I have an OmniOutliner doc that I use to keep track of printer models and locations.

I can get into the printers, remotely, via a web browser. 70 more words



Thanks to the extreme capabilities and generosity of my Roommate, who not only found an old laptop for me, but, spend many hours rebooting/reconfiguring the router so we could again enjoy the wonders of the Internet! 34 more words


You mean the internet is more than just porn?

Hey, guess who has two thumbs and is exhausted right now. Probably lots of people. Also that’s one of many physical gags that doesn’t work ┬áin a written context. 624 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Spidey's Adventures at Work

It’s my last day at the Castle, so here’s Spidey driving Tim’s bus.


Roll20: The Sewers

Week three brought a more traditional dungeon crawl feel to the campaign; but it was one marked with more than the odd but of laughter. 389 more words


Spidey's Adventures at Work

Well, here we are again at the Neptune Pool. Currently drained. For those wondering why, the pool was leaking about 5,000 gallons of water a day. 30 more words