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Writing 101: Unlock The Mind.

I signed up to do this years blogging 101 and writing 101 sessions on the web. And here I am.

The first writing assignment: Just Write. 496 more words


So political right now lolz.

Wow. When did the New Zealand election become such a farce? This has to be prefaced by the admission that I’m not a politically motivated person. 571 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Kickstarter: Sticky Page Markers

Yep, still alive! I’ve been busy with my two little ones and was a bit active on the Erasable Community page on Facebook. But beside that school has started again, so I may find more time for reviews again. 32 more words


“who I am and why I’m here” First post for Blogging 101

I am no one special. I am a mom, a wife, a friend. I love books, all kinds of books. I am a geek for Dr. 287 more words


Geek Apostasy : Introduction

The smoke, debris, and fallout has started to clear from the Gamer Gate scandal.  What started with one girl sleeping around for favours, has now lead to the death of either… 1,055 more words


Dragon Family

Greetings all. Last week I showed you a few shots from Daemon’s first trip to the beach. I also told you that, this week, I’d introduce you to his family. 132 more words


Dr. Feelgood or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Crue

So we all know I’m a music fan. I was fortunate enough to get to see Alice Cooper and Motley Crue live this past weekend. I get I’ve posted a bit about the show during  the past couple days, itself, but in a nutshell… 2,871 more words