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A Novel Romance Collection

I’m not normally a big “makeup” girl.  I do wear it and I own way too much of it but I’m not a branded makeup girl.   348 more words


Curse you, San Diego ComiCon...

I went once, back in 2001, with a cadre of I-Maniacs (fans of “The Invisible Man” on SciFi, back when such things made sense). BEST. TIME. 431 more words


Stuff That I Love & You Need To Know About: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

Did you read Jane Austen in English class? Or even just because you wanted to? I know she’s not for everyone, but me, I’ve always had a bit of an affinity for Britishness. 1,197 more words

Fangirl Pride

Yes, I am a Whovian. And Trekkie, Browncoat, Sherlockian, Avenger, Whedoner… pretty much all of it. *ahem*


In honor of the beloved Ponds, with whom I will always share my love and sympathy, as well as my appreciation for their undying awesomeness, I now reiterate the sweetest, saddest set of lines ever to appear on “Doctor Who”…

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Sad Bat-Fleck is Sad

I dunno.  Maybe Ben Affleck as Batman will work.  I sure hope so.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed:

#75 http://t.co/Caj2N8iTAb
(@ZackSnyder) July 24, 2014

Popular Culture

Happy Geekiness Day!! Care of #SingleHopGeeks :D

The wonderful Lisa of SingleHop  contacted me about writing a little piece to help them celebrate Geekiness Day this year.  And you guys know me, of course I had to say yes!   989 more words


Three Small Ways To Make Your Fans Geek Out About Your Story Or Comic More

The fact is that, often, the things which make us really geek out about stories, movies, games, comics etc… aren’t the big things. They’re the small things that we can carry over from our favourite fictional worlds into real life. 958 more words