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Geek Box Time!

At the start of the month, when I still had that mythical thing called “money”, I signed up for a subscription to the lovely folks over at mygeekbox.co.uk… 481 more words

wishlist: books

Some books I’d like to own and either plan to buy for myself or have put on my birthday/Christmas wishlist already.


Goodbye, Raggedy Man (pt. 2)

Now here’s the point where I should probably apologize for all the sad, geeky vibes coming off my blog and promise to forestall¬†posting sad, geeky things for a couple months at least… 308 more words

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Favourite Friday: guilty pleasures

How do I spend my time when I’m not studying, taking pictures, or playing capoeira? I’ll tell you some not very sophisticated favourite amusements of mine. 269 more words


Are you going to watch the Perseid meteors tonight?

These nights it’s possible watch this year’s Perseid Meteor Shower. If the clouds are gone by then I’ll try to be on the roof for a while and hopefully I’ll see some shooting stars. 50 more words


Hush, Little Baby, Don't Say a Word

Auntie Jen’s gonna knit you… well, not a mockingbird. Nope, a car seat blanket.

It measures 28″x36″* all pinned out. Who knows what dimension it will be when I pull the pins out and the acrylic goes “Thbbbbt!” and scrunches up again. 71 more words


Goodbye, Raggedy Man

As sorry as I am to make my fellow Whovians sad, because I have already addressed the departure of our beloved Mr. and Mrs. Pond, I must needs mention another special friend who left in their wake. 469 more words

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