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Levine on cunning financial engineering: when synthetic becomes real

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of Matt Levine over at Bloomberg View.  He’s experienced and geeky enough to make comments like the following: a certain debt refinance deal, involving transferring CDS premium from sellers to the defaulted entity, is ‘…objectively beautiful.’  Who says modern media must pander to the lowest common denominator? 137 more words

Tauriel inspired hair and outfit

This is my first attempt of creating an elven hairstyle …

It doesn’t look that spectacular with thinned out hair (stupid hair loss, I used to have really really thick hair, now it’s annoyingly thin but still very tangly). 508 more words


The Rest of the Star Trek Collection

I am guilty of owning more dolls in my Star Trek collection.  Here is the Next Generation set.

  You may notice that I still have work to do.   92 more words


The Cut of My Jib

As I sit reflecting on my life this morning (it’s what I do now that I’ve run out of things to accomplish so far today) 215 more words

Magical Mystery Tour

Favourite Friday: inspirational capoeira videos

Recently I discovered some really cool and inspirational capoeira videos on YouTube, and I’d like to share my favourites with you.

“Girl on Fire”, the capoeira edition… 129 more words



The lake was quiet. No river hunters. No groans. No boats. No motors. No hard working dock workers fixing something up or singing their dock songs. 691 more words