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Star Trek: Blue Skies

No clue what the movie was called and I’m too lazy to look it up, but the song is awesome. I also love Worf doing the headdesk. Bwahahaha.


10 iPhone Apps All Geekettes Need

There are apps that everybody needs. Apps like ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Flashlight’ are must-haves for any iPhone user. However, we geeky girls need our own special set of iPhone apps, and just in case you don’t know what those are I am here to help! 679 more words

Geek Out

Day 73

My Fionna The Human from Adventure Time costume :D and me trying to be fierce and brave. I sewed the backpack and the hat and it was super fun to make.

Star Trek TNG: Life Forms Song

Next addition to my collection of videos with characters from science fiction shows singing: Data, the android from Star Trek: The Next Generation, improvising a song about life forms because “I just love scanning for life forms …” 13 more words


Star Trek TNG: A British Tar

Data, Worf, and Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation decided to join the singing party. They don’t sing as well as Seven of Nine, but they’re doing their best.


Stargate: Carter is humming

Welcome back to “characters from science fiction shows singing”. This time it’s no real singing, but the fact that Carter is humming the opening theme of the show made it impossible for me not to include it. 6 more words


Voyager: Oh my darling Clementine

Again a video of Seven of Nine and the Doctor singing together. I still don’t like either of them very much, but the fact that they know this song from my childhood makes me hate them a little less. 15 more words