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Voyager: You are my Sunshine

Music and Star Trek again. This time a real scene from Star Trek: Voyager. A former Borg and a hologram singing a duet – oh, the sweet randomness of science fiction. 92 more words


alone in a room
blue stars in the evening
blow out the candles


A quick haiku that came to my mind after watching the last scene of the StarTrek:TNG episode “Attached” … 63 more words


Klingon Style

Old but gold. Isn’t it awesome?

The hula hoop scene never fails to crack me up.


Books you should read: Brave New World

In case you haven’t read Huxley’s “Brave New World” yet, you should do so, it’s a true classic among dystopian literature. If you are unable to find a copy for yourself at your local book store or libary, you can try this online resource: … 9 more words


Guardian, Dictator, Manager, Mentor, or Collaborator Be?

For open-source projects that I initiate, I want some way to acknowledge differentiation of roles that permit me to preserve in some friendly way my vision of what is essential for trustworthy development, releases, and life-cycle support.

1,947 more words

Updated weatherstation software

I’ve been enhancing the software that I use to read data from my weatherstation. It’s been working well since I added some extra code to detect when the sensor readings are obviously corrupt (radio interference, uncontrolled concurrent memory accesses, etc), but the tracking of the wind direction was still not quite good enough. 112 more words

248. The Librarian Threshold

Take the number of books you bought last year. Minus that with the number of books you’ve given away. Now divide it by the number of books you’ve finished reading last year. 650 more words