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Birdie Buffet Food Fiiiiiight!

Growing up J had dogs on the family farm, we had cats and a budgie, and naturally we want the boys to also experience DOG BREATH, PUKED UP FURBALLS, BIRD SHIT IN YOUR HAIR… 393 more words

Back To The Present

Radio Radagast

Hi again :)

In the future I’ll not only blog here (and on my photo blog), but be part of “Radio Radagast”, a new collaboration and collection of all things computer, internet security, and random links to pages telling you how to make lembas or dress like a hobbit. 27 more words


Favourite Friday: find of the week: Oakentoons

I spent the last few days looking at Hobbit and LoTR related stuff on the Internet, and I just wanted to share some awesome, adorable, and totally hilarious art with you. 151 more words


On my telly, lately

I admit I don’t watch a lot of traditional television. Apart from the sports programs I follow, I don’t actively open the telly to channel surf and stuff. 2,567 more words

Film + TV

Oh, What Is It NOW?

Really feeding my “Inner Geek” tonight.

(Or is it “this morning”? When you work Night Shift, labelling can sometimes be a mental pain)

After watching a CMT documentary of Southern Rock, (which mostly focused on The Allman Brothers, a bit on Lynyrd Skynyrd, and not enough on Charlie Daniels Band or The Marshall Tucker Band), I did some busy work here at the Hotel, then was surfing through Netflix to see what I may wanna watch. 85 more words

Personal Thoughts

Geek Box Time!

At the start of the month, when I still had that mythical thing called “money”, I signed up for a subscription to the lovely folks over at mygeekbox.co.uk… 481 more words

wishlist: books

Some books I’d like to own and either plan to buy for myself or have put on my birthday/Christmas wishlist already.