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The Cut of My Jib

As I sit reflecting on my life this morning (it’s what I do now that I’ve run out of things to accomplish so far today) 215 more words


Favourite Friday: inspirational capoeira videos

Recently I discovered some really cool and inspirational capoeira videos on YouTube, and I’d like to share my favourites with you.

“Girl on Fire”, the capoeira edition… 129 more words



The lake was quiet. No river hunters. No groans. No boats. No motors. No hard working dock workers fixing something up or singing their dock songs. 691 more words


Card Wars, an Adventure Time Game

Now the Hubs has been a fan of the show Adventure Time ever since he first moved to Oregon four months before our wedding. He watched it a lot and expressed his love for the show countless times to me during our phone conversations. 805 more words


video of the day: capoeira photography with pyrotechnics

Found this today and thought that some folks here might like it :) Capoeira + photography + pyrotechnics = awesome

And they did the shooting in an old abbey, which adds extra awesomeness.


All Melons Must Die.

**ANOTHER WARNING*** If you thought the bunny in my previous post was bad, you might not wanna stick around until the end of this post. You have been warned! 129 more words

Unmitigated Crapola