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God, Women And Video Games

There has been a recent surge in discussions about women in video games, or the lack thereof. I have read articles about #gamergate and have watched… 846 more words

Video Games

Blarg 2: Electric Blargaloo

I don’t like Star Wars. Or Halo. I’ve tried, but… Meh. They just don’t do it for me. BUT LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MUHFUCKIN’ MASS EFFECT. 296 more words


This Week: Trance, Geeks, Pynchon

POW! POW! We’re back with your weekly shot of adrenaline to send you sky-high. This week’s got everything from musical to cinematic finery to keep you ecstatic so put on that smile and get to vibing! 538 more words


Why Geeks Should Write ...

As a student, I had very minimal exposure to computer science and programming, except for my high school course which I suprisingly aced!

To give you some context, I enrolled in CSC108 and now CSC148 merely because they are required for my major, cognitive science -which I didn’t know what it was until I enroleld in COG250! 482 more words


10 Best Valentine's Gifts For Nerds

By Dara Cook

It’s almost that time again!  Huge red and pink hearts everywhere, little half naked cupid babies hanging from the ceiling, and the frustration of trying to figure out the perfect Valentine gift for your significant other.   393 more words


Weekend Coffee Share, MidWinter Edition

If we were having coffee, I would have two, and you would not be able to get away from me until I finished the second one. 729 more words


The Browncast Ultra ! Podcast

Hey guys and gals. check out one of the funnier and well informed pods out these days from a friend of mine. The Browncast ladies and gents. 10 more words