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The Grand Budapest Hotel- Wes Anderson's best yet.

The Grand Budapest Hotel directed by Wes Anderson, is one of his best works to date. The story of a hotel it’s glory days, but wrapped in a murder mystery. 404 more words


When is your target audience not your target audience?

Here’s a marketing poser for you… When is your target audience not your target audience?

The answer can be found in the mysterious art of brand positioning, and a prime example of particularly bold brand positioning leapt out at yours truly earlier this week. 695 more words


Are You Going To Chicago's Comic Con This Weekend?

You will see some Batman and Wonder Womans roaming around Chicago this weekend!  Comic Con returns to Chicago this weekend! It will be at the Donald E. 35 more words


Harassment at Cons Goes Deeper

A while back, Nerd Reactor published an interesting piece on harassment at conventions, entitled “Harassment in the nerd place: What can be done?” Amid musings about the effectiveness of signs at mobilizing perhaps otherwise complacent bystanders and the feasibility of imposing “one-strike” bans for perpertrators, the article relates the experiences of a couple of cosplayers – one male, in costume, and one female, even out of costume – and assumes that the « real world » doesn’t have time for harassment, and so we as the people occupying the “nerd space” should make it so that we don’t have time for it either. 686 more words

Geek Cred

There was a moment or two at a con a while back where my “geek cred” was called into question. The first happened at the Sailor Moon photoshoot. 759 more words

Quote of the day- Jaws

“You’re Going to need a bigger boat”.-Martin Brody

Top Ten Tuesdays-Directors and Their films

I just moved and have been away for a few days. So I was thinking of my favorite directors and which of thier films are my favorite. Here they are !