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How to respond to cyber attacks?

Let me stipulate that I love living in a relatively free and open society.

However, there are some things I don’t need to know.

I don’t need to know where we’ve deployed all our nuclear weapons and which nations are targeted by them. 230 more words

Barack Obama


guys i’m in vacation

This makes me be on bed , eat, sleep eat.. and sleep more

Good Songs for vacation



As Christmas inches towards us, we are nearing the point where our four geeks will be reunited. The question is – how?

We have not forgotten about our Circumstancial Botch! 39 more words


My comic strip "Geek Muses" is now LIVE on MDC's "Reflections Magazine"!

My alma mater, Miami Dade College has published my comic strip “Geek Muses” on its faculty/staff online ‘zine “Reflections Magazine” !!

Please read it here! … 6 more words

Cosplay? There’s an App for That

File this under “stretching the limits of credulity,” there’s apparently an app for cosplayers that allows you to track your progress on costumes.

Well. Sort of. 683 more words

Episode 290

More coverage from Stebbins CON 2014 (Summer) with music from Team Void and Mike’s interview with Studio 605

Weight Loss & Acid

Something I have been thinking about lately (besides the sexy ENT doctor), is what he told me during my recent visit last week.

I had told him how my health has oddly become worse this year than it ever has been, and I worry it is because of my weight loss.  358 more words