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Sleeping Geeks Podcast - The Desired Future

Yo guys, Unlimited Resolve here, also known as Tai, bringing you another post today. This time I’m going to be continuing my post about the Sleeping Geeks Podcast. 671 more words


Prejudice in Hobbies

While I was writing my diatribe against the “cosplay is not for everyone” idea, I began to wonder about how – or perhaps why – we transfer our same “general population” prejudices to the cosplay sphere. 663 more words

Why Do Guys Play as Gals in WoW?

Woo, gender-bending behavior! This is a favorite subject of mine, in part because we can get into the very minutae of the everyday and analyze how people subvert the stereotypical behavior patterns and expectancies of their gender – often without even realizing it. 667 more words

Extra Life 2014 with Team N2: Ninja Nerds

It’s that time of year again where gamers from all over the world, well… game! But it is during this time where we unite as one unit, play video and/or tabletop games for 24 hours in an effort to raise money for children in need. 527 more words

Video Games

They 're Ba-aaack!

September means back to school for the kids and back to the gaming table for all geeks! Over here in Greece, it’s turning out to be a proper September, the first in years, with proper storms and rain showers. 194 more words


'Boobie Squeezing Simulator' Takes Virtual Reality To New Lows

A YouTube video posted earlier this week appears to show an Occulus Rift virtual reality headset hooked up to a game where the sole objective is to squeeze an anime character’s breasts… 83 more words


Top Ten Tuesdays- Khans of Takir

Khans of Takir is sick. This is only the first set in the block and we have so many great cards. This is my top ten favorite cards of the set so far. 61 more words