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Fancy Death

Death and taxes are the only sure things in life. It’s tough to make taxes enjoyable unless you’re one of those creepy accountants who lives for the next audit. 399 more words

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Once Again, Letting Our Geek Flags Fly

Taking Date Night on the road this weekend, Mr. R. and I are attending Tampa Bay Comic Con.  I am beyond excited.  We’ve had our tickets for months and just this week we discovered that we will have media passes as well. 316 more words

Date Night

Loot Crate August Theme Revealed + Promo Code!

You didn’t think they’d let the bad guys have all the glory, did you?! This month Loot Crate has assembled an awesome collection that celebrates the good guys!

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"Modern Day Misogyny"

Bleeding Cool is usually a pretty good geeky news site, but it occasionally tries to pass shit like this off as hard-hitting journalism: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/10/28/tess-fowler-and-modern-day-misogyny-in-the-comics-industry/. Yeah! 682 more words

Nerd block review

   The Nerd Block is a monthly box of nerd goodies, that you get for around 19.99 a month. It seems to always be pretty good stuff. 27 more words

Nerds. Geeks. General Tom Foolery.

Taken on the 8th of January. This is the geeky/nerdy photo day.

Our outfits were:

Celeste: “Rock out with your Spock out” tee, denim skater skirt, piano suspenders, knee-high socks, sequined cons… 109 more words