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Guardians Of The Galaxy Hockey Jersey Design: The Ravagers

The Ravagers from GOTG are essentially space pirates, so that was the direction I ran with. I did my best to capture the unique wing design from their ships for the main logo. 50 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Jaynestown Mudders 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Here’s an update to the ol’ Mudders jersey! I wanted to make the logos and numbers stand out more this time, hence the inclusion of black and gold. 83 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Space Rangers 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Here is an update for the Space Rangers, which was offered a few years back. The original was great, but I wanted a cleaner and classier look for the 2.0 design. 35 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys