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Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Hockey Jersey Design

A Ren & Stimpy hockey jersey? How completely random. Not much to say here, I lifted the Mountie uniform and flags from the cartoon and blended them together. 41 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Resident Evil Hockey Jersey Design

I’ve received several requests for design that revolved around Umbrella Corp., but I hope this S.T.A.R.S design will do in the meantime. I made home and away sets to accommodate the many different badges worn by Raccoon City’s finest. 56 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Official Voltron 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

The second officially-licensed Voltron¬†hockey jersey features a new front shield, gold numbers, and thinner stripes. A lace-up collar has also been added. I really dug the gold color of the cross and crown of the… 84 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys