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Pokemon Theme: Psyduck and Golduck...

So I always felt really sorry for Psyduck since he has a ‘constant headache’ ¬†and a comes across as a bit simple and confused, what a wee shame ae. 15 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Film Nail Art- Week 5

This week, we did a double design! In honour of Star Wars

We opted for feature thumbnails and ring fingers, with solid colours that reflected the characters colours. 41 more words

Film Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Meowth and Persian...

So I thought the most striking part of both Meowth and Persian were their head charms and therefore wanted to make those the most prominent part of the design. 58 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Diglett and Dugtrio...

So here’s my Diglett and Dugtrio- numbers 50 and 51 respectively meaning I’m like a third of the way through, wooo! Anyone bored yet?…

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

OMD2 - Day 27 Nautical...

So I was trying to avoid the usual blue, white and red that I’ve always done for ‘nautical’ nails. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I really like the look, it’s just that I’ve already painted it a few times. 24 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Venonat and Venomoth...

So I’ve not done Pokemon nails in a while, mainly because I’ve been busy with life and I’ve been doing the OMD challenge too. Here’s Venonat and Venomoth. 21 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art