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Blessed be Thy Dreams!

A  procession of Dream-Fairies set off to a sweet, special woman,
who wants to give other women
something special for the Days of Darkness

Filled with Dream Herbs  for intensive Dreamwork:
Blessed be thy dreams!

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Trends DDW Trendtour

I would like to tell you some more about the trends we show in our trendtour.
First of all trends are about changes at societal level. 357 more words

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First impressions of the DDW

Past two days I’ve been on the Dutch Design Week and had a great experience already. On Saturday we made our trendtour through the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. 124 more words

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New MOS-pattern
These warmers are wearable as leg warmers as well as arm warmers .To be worn when you let the deer eat out of your hand, or when you’re off for a good conversation with the old oak. 69 more words

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The struggle of the Kurdish people

The Kurdish people are a people win-out a nation. Like the Palestinians they are a people that have to live under foreign rulers. Kurdistan is the name to regions of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran were the Kurds live. 2,068 more words

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Heavy winds and waves

The picture below shows how the waves break at the entrance of the marina. As a result the boats roll and pitch heavily in their berths. 125 more words

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Who is someone you miss right now?

The one I miss right now lives on the other side of the world, someone I haven’t met yet.  Yeah, you can think, how is it possible to miss someone you’ve never met.  92 more words

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