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All about WANG.

Meet this new fashion family : Alexander Wang Rocco / Rockie / Diego / Darcy . Loved by all the hottest fashion icons!

I am really happy with my own black rocco, I wear it all the time! 89 more words

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The Bluewhite Blog

                    the Bluewhite center blog is still under construction.

my apology for the inconvience. 

                                                                      Sabriël                                                                            The Bluewhite Center


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Blog post: My final check-in: a farewell letter to foursquare

Dear friends of foursquare,

After over 4 years and some, and not far away from having done 4,000 check-ins through the app, in places -literally- all over the world – I’m checking out.

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Welcome to The Bluewhite Center

this blog is about learning the truth, to be self aware, to be self consious and to be in in self controle without deceptions.

the goal from this blog is to start a project, a project where people can learn knowledge of different aspects like ancient history, mythology, healings on basis of a just manner , pattern of healty food, Religion of I Am that I Am, the God of Abraham. 59 more words

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Nieuwe Url voor de blog Creatief Programmeren in C# en Java

Vanaf heden kan u de oude blog met de nieuwere artikels bezoeken op:


Dank voor uw begrip.

Met vriendelijke groeten,


Davy Gevaert


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Creating the Shift

If we take ourselves as point of reference of value, then we create a shift outside ourselves…..

(This text will be translated into English soon) 192 more words

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