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Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

Vrijwel alle scholen zijn begonnen of maken aanstalten om te beginnen. Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Schooljaar 2014-2015 meldt zich en er staat weer een hoop te doen in onderwijsland. 503 more words

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Inspiration III

This summarizes everything I love about design.

Pure materials
simple, yet elegant lines
a perfect answer to its purpose.

Inspiration disguised as simplicity



IN1DAY is about small oil paintings, about 6″ x 7″, made in one day. Recently I made some new ones. Like them?


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Letter 7

Dear Heba,

Thank you for sharing this, I’m deeply touched.

The night I read your story there was a storm passing over Holland. With every thunder and lightning I tried to imagine what it would be like if they were bombs. 212 more words

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Letter 6

Dear Marie,

I’m sending you some of what I wrote.

It was the first day of our supposed joyful Eid, a day we usually celebrate with our families, but that did not happen. 621 more words

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Texata - Big Data World Championships - Call for candidates

Call for candidates ! We will participate to this event !

TEXATA is an educational competition for university students and young
professionals in technology, mathematics, statistics & data, analytical and… 106 more words

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Letter 5

Dear Heba,

I have no words…

No words to give you hope, no words to give you protection, no words to take all the horror you’re going through out of your mind, no words to stop this nightmare. 220 more words

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