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Yes me too. I’m looking for work. Without a job for nearly 9 months now. Never had any luck so far.

I know what I want, I know what I can do and I don’t ask much. 568 more words

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They are my inspiration - Ebby

I’m a Directioner since 2010, I was 12 years old by that time when they were on the X Factor, I was so in love with Zayn’s audition, his voice was amazing and he looked so cute by that time. 390 more words

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Winter freezes my fingers to the cigarette between them while smoke krinkles in my nostrils through the scent of burning hearths.

Winter sweeps half-frozen droplets of icy rain like lashes across my cheeks and colours those patches of skin underneath my botom lashes flecks of cherry-coloured wetness. 80 more words


Exercise 16    Set Go

We sat down with our previous project group again and this time we talked about what kind of impressions we had of each other. I did this exercise with Simone. 324 more words

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Exercise 15   JOHARI Window

In exercise 15 we had to fill in some questions about ourselves and from the outcomes you could see what kind of person you are. My JOHARI Window looked like this: 52 more words

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