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Gyaneshwari Geeta-6

10. Unlimited is the army of ours, guarded by Bhishma; limited is this army of theirs, guarded by Bhima. We have also entrusted the office of the General to Bhishma, foremost among veterans, world conqueror  809 more words


Gyaneshwari Geeta-5

Dhritarashtra said:

1. In the holy plain of Kurukshetra have gathered eager for battle, mine and Pandu’s sons; what did they do, O Sanjaya?

Dhritarashtra, blinded by his filial affection, asked Sanjaya, “Tell me the news of Kurukshetra  753 more words



Krishna Consciousness

On Janmastami I was flooded by messages on whatsap and social media full of soppy songs on Krishna, who’s Birthday it celebrates.

  The funny ones from  irreverent friends spoke of his birth in Jail, history of crimes, murders, womanizing etc and  admired him for reasons that would make Munnabhai proud. 477 more words


Jai Shri Krishna !


Yesterday was Janmashtami. The birth anniversary of the Lord of The Geeta, Lord Shri Krishna. People in Mrs. Mummy’s home country are celebrating the day with great pomp, gaiety and devotion. 434 more words


Gyaneshwari Geeta-4

Now like pollen in a lotus, there is a discourse, which was given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna (46-50) or Vyasa’s intelligence, after churning the sea of the Vedas, verily obtained this incomparable butter. 747 more words


Gyaneshwari Geeta-3

I now bow to the goddess of learning who, with her novel graceful speech and mastery of arts and skills, holds the world spellbound. My worthy Guru seated in my heart has helped me to cross the flood of existence, and because of him I take special interest in discriminating knowledge. 620 more words


Gyaneshwari Geeta-2

The Jnaneshwari, like the Gita, is a superb philosophical poem. Shri Jnaneshwar declares that by his words, he will give form to the formless and make the senses enjoy what is beyond them. 639 more words