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Geisha Drag Queen

With this look I don’t really feel there is much to go into since it’s not something anyone would want to recreate. Ha! Ha! This was all a result of  spontaneous experimentation and fun and in no way meant to be taken seriously. 214 more words


Like a Fine Cup of Yogurt: Getting Cultured in Kyoto

On my recent trip to Japan, I went down to Kyoto for three days. I can’t lie, travel isn’t always fun. My first day in Kyoto was a bit dispiriting. 789 more words


Memoirs Of A Geisha
For the very word Geisha means “ An Artist”

An innocence is thrust into the world of shadows and living demons where she learns day and night to cope, to survive. 299 more words


Sakura in Kiyamachi Street - Kyoto, Japan

Back to Japan! Not really, unfortunately.. I just went through the hundreds of pictures I took during my recent trip and decided to share some. One thing that really struck me was how the Japanese people enjoy the transient beauty of cherry flowers ( 110 more words


Snow Country

Snow Country, or Yukiguni, is a short novel by Japanese writer and Nobel Prize Winner Yasunari Kawabata.  Published in 1935, the story, about a man from Tokyo and a provincial geisha, is not as remarkable as the setting where the story takes place.   469 more words


Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars *Frogpond*

There is a new feature on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, where a masterpiece by one of the classic haiku poets is a source of our inspiration to compose a haiku. 98 more words


Apart from You

Directed by Mikio Naruse, Apart from You (1933)  shows two geishas who’re stuck in an ignoble profession they wish they could escape. The film starts with an amusing scene in a geisha house run by an old woman who smokes and gambles. 326 more words