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 Every day 22 thousand children die in the developing world because they live in poverty.

 They die mostly from diseases they would not catch (or would not kill them) if they didn’t live in poverty. 2,235 more words


“Heal the world”: do we need celebrities?

A reflection on the Band Aid 30 Single for Ebola.

Thirty years ago, Bob Geldof got together a group of musicians in Sam West Studios, Notting Hill to record a single which was to be a 24 Million Dollar contributor to relieving poverty in Ethiopia. 760 more words

Do they know it's Christmas? Of course they bloody well do!

  Just back from Sri Lanka and reading a great blog by Kiri CSW press officer http://www.madomasi.wordpress.com I share her annoyance. Though the cause is worthy these sticking plaster approaches and that damn awful song do nothing to address the fundamental problem of global economic injustice. 257 more words

Peter Cech: Drummer Extraordinaire

This time last year Petr Cech was preparing to face West Ham at Upton Park. Now, thanks to lanky nerd Thibaut Courtois, Cech is struggling to fill the void before his inevitable move away in January. 140 more words


Show me the money Mr Geldof

To start with…what she says (read the article).

Why Adele was right to ignore Bob Geldof and Band Aid

Bob Geldof has never been my favourite person. 249 more words

Band Aid

On Invisible Power structures

David Cameron announced that the “red warning lights” are on for the global economy. Bob Geldof amassed an array of stars to re-record Band Aid for Ebola. 453 more words


Re-released Band Aid song causing a stir

There has been controversy over the Band Aid song being re-released by Bob Geldof.

The song was originally released in 1984, 30 years ago. It has been said that the song has been released to raise money for Ebola. 240 more words