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Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Sunday, January 25th

Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Sunday, January 25th

March 21 – April 19
There’s no feeling quite like that which we experience when we get our head or hand stuck in something. 1,225 more words

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"Eyed" at the bank.

This I wrote yesterday while the Moon was in Pisces:

Suddenly came a feeling…I have to write. When was the last time I wrote here? 1,053 more words

Another wrinkle in planetary internal convection induced dynamo theory

From Space.com. It’s worth reading between the lines of this one to see the perplexed furrows on the brows of the ‘surprised’  scientists.

The magnetic fields of planetary building blocks lasted for a surprisingly long time in the solar system’s early days, a new study suggests. 460 more words


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Isn't this something like the Alfven-Klein model of plasma flows?

23 Jan 15

S&P 2,053.76 -0.46% | MSCI EMI 991.98 +0.86% | US10Y 1.80% -44bps (MoM) | €/$ 1.1215 -1.33% | 30YFRM 3.84% -18bps (MoM) | WTI Crude… 129 more words


Winklevoss twins plan to launch new US-based bitcoin exchange

The Winklevoss twins aren’t done with bitcoin yet. Since 2012, the pair so far has invested millions in the cryptocurrency, launched the WinkDex bitcoin price monitor and are still… 427 more words

Gemini-Directed and Undirected Energies | Gemini Zodiac

In the zodiac, Gemini, the directed and undirected energies can bring following characteristics in a person.

Undirected Energies: Boring, Changeable, Critical, Deceptive, Impatient, Irritable, inconsistent, Gossipy, Fluctuating, Flighty and extravagant. 21 more words