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Social Media.

I’m the kind of twentysomething that is totally absorbed in social media. Not so much facebook anymore, but definitely twitter and instagram and occasionally snapchat. I’m constantly scrolling, constantly posting. 447 more words

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was A High School Senior

1. Ask your guidance counselor if you can get fee waivers for the SATs, ACTs, and for college apps.

2. Apply for as many schools as you can as “ 216 more words


Will Generation Y / Millennials ever get married?


It sounds like a concerned grandmother.

Here’s my favourite chart;

Longer answer: No, because you made us equate it with prison, removed every single incentive or perk, pushed us off a cliff of personal debt which will weigh any children we may have down and to top it off, you encouraged our generation to gorge ourself on sexual, materialistic credit options so the few good people left cannot find… 85 more words


Money Saving Tips for College Students

There are many things that make college some of the best years of your life. Financial freedom is not one of them. Instead of sacrificing all of those fun nights out with your friends, learn to save and spend your money wisely! 917 more words

Money Saving Tips

Story of a Millennial.

So this weekend I went to visit my mom and my Step-Dad. We began talking about careers, the future, and all those lovely things your parents want to hear about. 521 more words


Ecoducks v The EcoArtCadets! @classofyourown

Over the last few weeks I’ve been privileged to be involved in a few workshops for the DEC! EcoClassroom.

Check out details here…..http://designengineerconstruct.com. We form groups into design/build companies, they produce branding, do research and produce a facility that is green, for the community and for education. 155 more words