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Gen Y Beach Weekend Essentials // #packinglist

Do not underestimate the power of packing light. Less is more.

For a weekend getaway to the coast, a small suitcase should suffice. In pictures below, view several beach-going essentials followed by a comprehensive and concise packing list. 166 more words


Helpful Moving Tips!

Moving from one apartment to another can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. Staying organized, making lists, and planning ahead make the moving process a whole lot easier, but so does having a few handy packing tips and tricks up your sleeve! 557 more words


Shitstagram and Our Emotional Problems

Without even opening the app, just the thought of Instagram, sends a huge twang through my stomach. I hate it profusely, and yet I can’t bring myself to delete my profile for fear of missing something and (as silly as it sounds) suddenly not existing. 487 more words

Gen Y Is Ready To Buy

When You’re Ready to Buy, Call Annie @ 626 226 7862!




Real Estate

A Letter To My 20-Something Self

I’ve been out in the workforce now for 18 years. And if I were at the beginning of my career again, this is what I would tell myself. 897 more words

Gen X

Leadership Advice: 11 Things I Learned the Hard Way

Leadership Advice: 11 Things I Learned the Hard Way

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  1. You need to see things other people aren’t willing to see yet.
  2. 851 more words