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Babies Have No Rights

Social Media is new. It had its mainstream inception a decade ago and I believe my generation is abusing it. We use it as our personal diaries, to create an image of what we want people to see our life as, to stalk without a guilty conscience and, on the simple level, to just stay connected to our friends and keep them abreast of our lives. 719 more words

Gen Y

Gen Y and Self Vandalism

This semester I’m taking a US Cultural History class, which is fascinating. This class has caused me to pause and think about the way my generation functions, how we have been set up to interact with the “real world.” But the longer I’m in the class, and the longer I think about it, the more cynical I become. 800 more words


If the suit doesn't fit . . .

A little while ago I read a rather concerning article. It surrounded a new subject that was creeping its way into school curriculums – workplace behaviour. 524 more words

Y, Gen Y?

Sebenarnya postingan ini berisi repost dari tweets saya setahun yang lalu. Waktu itu saya sedang nggak bisa tidur dan somehow kepikiran tentang generasi saya, gen y. 1,001 more words

Saraswati's Life

Hipsters, Bogans and Contemporary Class Anxieties

by Dr Steven Threadgold, University of Newcastle

The study of ‘youth cultures’ has had a troublesome and fluctuating relationship with class. In general, the foundational subcultural studies and more recent work continuing that tradition has been critiqued for (among other things) over-romanticising working class practice; finding ‘resistance’ everywhere; and having an unhealthy focus on the ‘spectacular’ while disregarding the ‘mainstream’. 2,958 more words

Boost That Credit Score!

Are you totally confused about your credit score, good vs. bad credit, and what affects your credit score? Then check out the infographic below I found on… 19 more words