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Millenials: Underemployment and Malemployment - The Hurdles of our Generation

So, I recently read a few articles surrounding Millenials and the availability of jobs. Many made sense to me, but one in particular enraged me. It blamed Generation Y-er’s for not having jobs, and said that the employment market is not the problem – we are.



It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m trying to get back into the game! So here goes.

Part of being happy is being content enough with yourself to be able to spend time with yourself.  615 more words


Bring Back The Ugly Smile

Despite all the negative press surrounding Gen Y, there is at least one thing we do better than any other generation: take photos of ourselves. We are the masters of the selfie, the Jedis of the Instagram filter. 405 more words


How they see us

How they see us

If we are the hope for the future

there is no hope at all.

Are college degrees an investment

or a means to our fall? 120 more words


It's Incredible What You Can Accomplish When You're Supposed To Be Doing Something Else...

When I should’ve been working on my assignments for Architecture, I have instead been throwing all my creative energy into teaching and preparing things for next week’s lesson. 232 more words


This is the first draft of what will be Chapter 2 in a project I’ve had kicking around for a while. If you haven’t read Chapter 1, you can find it by… 1,532 more words


"Where Is My Mind" Manifesto

This manifesto is a draft. Feel free to share it, modify it, build and act upon it! (though if you modify it, please highlight the changes you made) 701 more words