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4 Simple Ways to Cut Everyday Expenses

I’ll admit it, I’m scared of the “B-word”. I’m talking about budget (not what you were thinking, huh?). When it comes to eating out, specialty coffee drinks, and other miscellaneous items, they add up. 54 more words


Money Monday: Ways You Are Throwing Away Your Money

Almost all of us have leaks in our budgets, but what’s worse is that you may hardly notice some of them. Unfortunately, those small leaks can add up to big bucks over a short period of time.   806 more words


Loose morals

We all have deeply embedded morals even if we choose not to show it. Deeply buried within the insecurities of our heart, so deep that archeologists have to dig for days to get to the soil of the problem. 151 more words


Oh Hi There Generation Z

Generation Y have come of age – even the youngest are in higher education or have jobs.

This means that there’s a new generation in town – the younger crowd who are coming into their own and becoming the new ‘cool kids’, trendsetters and taste-makers as their older counterparts venture into real life. 608 more words

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Tough Economy Signals New Life Change For Young People

Young people face economic challenges that previous generations never have had to condend with, giving rise to a new generation of ‘Young Millennials’ – those aged between 16 and 35. 932 more words

How Gen X Perceives a Multigenerational Workplace

Two generations have received quite a bit of attention over the past few years: Gen Ys and Baby Boomers (see picture above).

Gen Y is coming fast and furious into the workplace. 788 more words

Gen X