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GenCon 2014 - Part Two

I drafted this post months ago, but never got around to finishing it. But never fear, today is the day I finish posting my GenCon adventures. 743 more words

Nyan Nyan: Getting started

We went to GenCon in 2013 – it is hard to believe that is over twelve months ago now.  Whilst there I bought Nyan Nyan from the Soda Pop Miniatures stand.   292 more words


An Open Letter to Gen Con

As I’m sure many of you did, I just got my request for feedback from Gen Con. They asked, so I obliged. Here’s the essay I put into their “anything else?” box:  757 more words


Noise from the Basement Episode 2 - Gen Con 2014

Better late than never Ty and Troy get together in the B.o.D. to share their highlights of this year’s GenCon and discuss some books they are reading. 159 more words


Star-Treks-Day at the Mancave

So today in the Mancave we have new additions to the Star Trek Attack Wing collection. …a set of Cloaked Ships and DS9 Crewcards from Spiel at Essen and a third set from Gencon in the States.   71 more words

Thursday Freebie: anti-harassment policy resources

The ongoing climate of fear, intimidation, and harassment sparked by GG has certainly put gaming’s problem with women in stark relief. If there can be said to be any good that has come of GooberGate, it is that gamers who have previously tried to “stay neutral” in such debates are realizing that there is no such thing as “neutrality” when it comes to hate movements[1]. 1,022 more words