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GenCon 2014 Pictures

Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures at GenCon. For some reason I decided not to get the camera out, used my phone instead and even then I didn’t take very many. 296 more words


MayaCast Episode 06: GenCon Recap

Tom and Kip discuss ALL of the news, rumors and tidbits of information from Corvus Belli’s visit to GenCon 2014, including more rules from N3! 17 more words


The League of Extraordinary GenConmen

GenCon is no SaltCon, that’s for sure. Or perhaps that should be writ the other way around — SaltCon is no GenCon. That’s for sure. 1,867 more words

Board Game

Indianapolis - Outside the convention centre

I had intended to post my holiday stories and photos in chronological order, but it’s taking me awhile it get my GenCon experience written up. Since this post is ready to go, I’ll share it now with all you lovely people. 342 more words

NEW Dog Faces and Dog Warriors

Check out the AMZING new Ariadna Dog Warriors for Infinity: The Game! Updating their style and standard of sculpting to be inline with the new Antipodes, these new werewolves are SICK and RIDICULOUS. 98 more words


Episode 14 - GenCon



We take a break from the usual discussion format and share our experiences from GenCon 2014! It was the first time we’d all met together, and so it was a special occasion with many Hobbit Tales and antioxidants… 65 more words


a new hope

Cheesy and dorky I know but that’s where I’m at so deal. Two weeks ago I entered into a resignation agreement with my University so any day now I will officially be unemployed and a former university professor. 1,122 more words