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gender thoughts- Aron Ra sexy secular conference


Aron Ra reconsidering norms. interesting. will write my thoughts on this soon.
Ways Of Seeing The World

Do 'girl ads' detract from girls' empowerment?

This excellent blog post summarizing the discussion at the NY Technology Salon the past week really hits on a number of critical issues relating girls and/in the media. 320 more words


Communication across the Chasms

Interpretation – a comic by Robot Hugs.

Because “everyone communicates differently, and no one always says exactly what they mean” is so true. 7 more words


Step this way, gents

Please note that what I write about is based on my experiences and is therefore just my perception, or interpretation, of circumstances. I have no statistics to manipulate in support of my cause. 697 more words


Shifting Sense of Identity

As I start seminary, I’ll be spending most of my “home” time in a dorm room on campus. My official home is still in San Mateo, but I’m moving out little by little. 429 more words