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Spotlight on The Women's Center

Bekah and Darrius spotlight the Women’s Center (and interviewed Alex Hollidfild):

The Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center is a campus resource centered that deals with issues related to gender, health relationships, pregnancies, body image, eating disorders, disorder eating, women leadership, sexual help. 839 more words


A rant about a gendered product that shouldn't be gendered

When I was a kid I remember seeing a TV commercial for Mr. Coffee, a black coffee maker, with his lovely white companion Mrs. Tea. It completely confused me. 325 more words


Sick Novels and Sick Readers and Sick Nations II

tricia’s note: this is my work–my research, my writing, the wrinkles around my eyes caused by all the  squinting that do as I read unpublished manuscripts (often in cold archives where no one lets me drink tea while I work)–so if you discuss it, reference it, or want to talk about it in your own work please give me credit. 238 more words

Novel Bodies: Writing In Public

Sexual ethics

Since Rewriting the Rules was published I sometimes get asked to do email interviews with journalists on various topics. Some of these get published in an edited form and some never see the light of day, so I thought I’d post some of the original interviews here. 730 more words


I'm female...

Disclaimer: I’m not speaking for anyone else who is questioning, nonconforming, trans, genderqueer. I am going through my own shit, and this is it. It’s a little disjointed, but here goes. 798 more words


Gender Presentation as Protection

Imagine yourself, for a moment, in an elevator, headed from the sixth floor down to the first. It’s not a scary ride, but it is a rather long one. 531 more words


News You Can Use: Feminism in the Media

As of late, several big-name celebrities have taken it upon themselves to overtly state their views on feminism, gender inequality and the like. Some have done it eloquently and thoughtfully, others not so much. 192 more words