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If You're A Woman Working for a University, Life's Not That Different than Corporate America

In the course of building Fairygodboss, I talked to many women, including academic types.  Through these conversations, I discovered it wasn’t just for-profit companies that needed more transparency and cultural change.   273 more words

Would You Buy a "Gender Equality" Label?

Recently, L’Oreal USA became the first American company to achieve an EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) Foundation certification.

Never heard of the EDGE Foundation?  Founded in 2009 and based in Geneva, EDGE is a non-profit that’s established a certification process and standard for companies that wish to demonstrate their commitment to gender equality.   263 more words

An Example of Constructive Corporate Behavior

I know that raising awareness of a social problem is a necessary first step to solving it.  But sometimes its downright discouraging to see yet another study showing that unconscious bias hurts working women.   477 more words

At Indiegogo, workforce diversity that outpaces big tech firms

Indiegogo, the crowdfunding website where entrepreneurs can raise cash, says women make up 45% of its overall staff, a much larger figure than those revealed in recent months by large tech firms. 451 more words


How to fix Google's gender gap in 3 weeks

The U.S. tech industry is overwhelmingly male (as recent self-reported demographic data from Google and other top Internet companies confirm), especially among its highly paid technical employees. 873 more words


Why workplace diversity efforts struggle

No question about it, companies’ campaigns to hire and promote more minorities (including, in some industries, women) have created workplaces that do a far better job of reflecting the growing diversity of the U.S. 510 more words


Representation Matters

So here we are, and it’s been nearly a month since I last blogged and I’m starving, so I’ll try to keep this short, except it isn’t short, it’s really, really long. 1,580 more words