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Associated Press, Media Analyst Call ABC Meteorologist Weather “Pornographer” For Not Hyping Climate Change Enough

By Mike Ciandella ~

In an Associated Press article, a climate alarmist accused a female ABC meteorologist of being “more like a pornographer” than a weather forecaster – all because she didn’t tie weather events to climate change often enough for his liking. 308 more words

Public Opinion

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Intimate those that don't promote the party line no matter how small the perceived infraction!

Newly-Released Documents Show NSA Claiming An Email Address Is A 'Facility,' Skirting Probable Cause Requirements

Source: TechDirt, by Tim Cushing, 12/2014

If it’s late Friday afternoon and the public’s attention is focused elsewhere, it must mean it’s time for… 502 more words

Police State

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Creep accrues in everything the government does that is how we got from a republic to a government controlled by a ruling class today the next step is a single party system and then that is the end as we will be right back where we were 300 years ago!

How to improve people’s chances of a healthier life

Here are some fast facts about how having a basic education in developing, low-income countries can make a difference to your health:

  1. Each year of education means an increase of 10% in your future income.
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Human Rights

Actually, we still need Feminism.

Feminists are not hairy lesbians who detest men. They do not picket malls with bras to burn. They are not all twenty-something hipsters. They do not believe women are… 768 more words


Barack Obama is using Presidential memorandums to hide his Executive actions

  Detractors of the President claim that Barack Obama has overstepped his bounds on several occasions by issuing Executive Orders to bypass the Congress and thusly is expanding the power of the Presidency to never before seen levels, while  his supporters note the fact that Barack Obama has issued fewer Executive Orders than his predecessors to counter this claim. 501 more words


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This is just one more way that he gets to do what he wants!

I'm A Crazy Right Wing Extremist

If I wrote that it is time to revolt, there is no doubt that I would be painted as a crazy, extreme right-wing zealot – but I do believe that a grass roots revolution is the only chance we have. 1,003 more words


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Being a former US Army officer it is my and every other officers sworn duty to uphold and protect the US Constitution --- no exception!.