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Feminism’s Problem with Words

Since this is a post about feminism, I think it would be fitting to have a trigger warning before we get into the meat of the post. 2,387 more words


Trailblazin': These Girls are on Fire

There are few things that excite me more than seeing women succeed in a male dominated society. Here recently, there have been a couple young women blazing the trail in their chosen fields. 969 more words

Why Should We Invest in Girls' Education?

Originally published on The Huffington Post

In developing communities, there are three structural issues that prevent a girl from fulfilling her right to education: Her gender, her zip code, and her economic condition. 1,061 more words

Gender Equality

Marriage and Feminism

Since the whole engagement thing happened I’ve been thinking a bit about marriage and what it means. Traditionally it’s a very conservative institution with the father of the bride “giving her away” to another man (to love and own). 738 more words


The Problem with Double Standards

First thing’s first, I’m an equalist.

I have given up on the term “feminist“. I’ve now decided that I will label myself as an “equalist” because that is exactly what I want; total equality in all human beings. 696 more words

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Would you Pay $55,492 for a Potato Salad or $9000 for a Film?

So if you’re someone who likes to keep up to date with the goings on of the cyber world or someone who peruses the Kickstarter website looking for philanthropic or entrepreneurial enterprises to support, you probably would have stumbled onto Zack Danger Brown’s potato salad campaign. 867 more words

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