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'The Invisible Discriminator' Stop. Think. Respect.

Life’s demands have kept me from this blog, but amidst looming deadlines I feel this campaign by beyondblue is far too important and pivotal to ignore sharing here…. 30 more words

Gender Equality

Guys Without Abs Should Basically Kill Themselves

As a woman, I like to have sex with men, and I’m glad that were finally getting to a point in our society and culture where women are allowed to objectify men’s bodies to the same degree that women have been objectified for millions of years. 643 more words

SEED Community: GirlZTalk

Our journey into the rural heartland of Limpopo, South Africa continues to resonate in our organization. During the past few months we have continued to make new connections with girls across South Africa, sharing our stories, the issues faced and ways to overcome them. 361 more words

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Why Gender Equality Still Isn't Easy

I’m back in the homeland for the holidays and driven by boredom yesterday, a friend and I ventured into a toy shop (it’s not that silly considering we both work with children). 448 more words


On Single Moms Who Play it Safe in the Age of Economic Inequality–and Stay Unmarried

This great article by historian Stephanie Coontz explores the relationship between progress in gender equality and the rapidly growing economic inequality plaguing the U.S. Of particular interest is her take on the well-known gap in marriage rates between lower- and higher-income mothers: 189 more words


Do Men and Women Have Different Career Goals?

Initiatives aiming at addressing the under-representation of women in certain domains often include flexible or part-time working arrangements. The idea behind this seems to be that women often find it harder – and more important – to achieve a good work-life-balance, while other career goals such as prestige and a high salary are important to men.This of course makes sense, as women still take over a disproportionate amount of childcare and household work, while men are still seen as being the main earner of the family’s income. 110 more words

Gender Equality

I Am a Strong Girl. Statements from Ethiopian girls.

Last week Peace Corps Volunteers around West Amhara hosted the 6th annual Gondar Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World). Over the week the girls bonded, learned, grew more confident and shared their stories.   696 more words

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