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Mightier than the sword?

Why battle, when there is a myriad other things I would rather be doing. God created the two sexes, not so that they antagonize each other. 245 more words

Gender Equality

Making Peace with the Doormat

MSNBC.com recently featured a piece by Amanda Sakuma about sexual violence among girls and young women that speaks volumes as to the current state of affairs in the tumultuous world of teen/young adult sexual relationships. 363 more words


One International Women's Day a year, not enough!

There has been enormous progress done since the first International Women’s Day was celebrated back in the early 1900s, but isn’t that something that is expected after more than 100 years working for gender equality? 841 more words

#NicoleSpeaks - Rita Ora: Sexist Pig?

The lowdown: Zac Efron wins “Best Shirtless Performance” at the MTV Movie Awards, he goes up to collect the award, people are calling for him to strip, he laughs it off, but then Rita Ora comes up behind him and rips his shirt open, much to the delight of all female viewers across the globe. 352 more words

Eleonore Pourriat

Gender, politics and those cognitive shortcuts

Rao and Kelleher (2005) explain that “our understanding of how to work towards gender equality is that we need to change the inequitable social systems and institutions. 698 more words

Gender And Politics

Rising a girl. Challenge, responsibility, honour. What's on my mind.

What was on my mind when I start to blog? Hmm…

I was thinking how not to ruin my daughter’s life from the beginning. :) 361 more words


Stop policing Black women's feminism: A response to Marina Hyde

Marina Hyde just ruined my day.

Just kidding, she didn’t ruin it. But she definitely provided me with new writing material thanks to her bombastic  839 more words