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Natalie Nakase's Quest to Coach in the NBA

“Meet the NBA’s first female coach. Well, not yet, but that’s at least what Natalie Nakase has in mind. The question is, when will the league be ready?” Fantastic profile of Natalie Nakase by Kate Fagan for espnW: … 337 more words


keep pace

Excerpts from article Guy Peploe: Art Market Fails to Keep Pace with Talented Women | The Scotsman | Sunday 20th July 2014

Today the sta­tistics of who has sold what for what are readily available to any surfer, and what emerges is how poorly women continue to have been served by the marketplace long after the doors to the Salon and Art School were opened up. 152 more words

Micol Hebron: Gallery Tally

Thanks to artist and educator Micol Hebron , a new Internet-based, open-source art project sheds light on these shocking imbalances on the rosters of almost all major galleries.  152 more words

art history: overwhelmingly about male artists

One unique issue that female artists face, Cooper insists, is art history “which is overwhelmingly about male artists”. The Keeper, who is responsible for the RA’s art school, is elected from among the Royal Academicians. 131 more words

My advice, whether you want it or not- 1

I’m dispensing advice to the blogosphere.  You’re welcome.

1.)To Digby, Corey Robin, et al, regarding whether the recent set backs in the rights of women in America have something to do with protecting the influence of the traditional hierarchy in the home, you’re not quite seeing the whole picture.   940 more words


Men make more money than women even when they're (legally) insider trading

At a company’s top ranks, the pay gap and paucity of women is all too well known. Now there’s a third area where women lag behind their male executives: … 455 more words