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EQUAL PAY DAY in France : the Ministry of Women's Rights Launches an Application to Help Women Win the Battle for Equality

Salaires hommes-femmes : le compte n’y est pas

A l’occasion de l’Equal Pay Day, le ministère des Droits des femmes lance ce matin une application pour aider les Françaises à gagner la bataille de l’égalité salariale. 1,093 more words

Astra Taylor — Open Systems and Glass Ceilings:  The Disappearing Woman and Life on the Internet

The men were certain they did well, while the women were wracked by self-doubt. “Not a single woman among all our female study subjects called herself an ‘expert’ user,” Hargittai noted, “while not a single male ranked himself as a complete novice or ‘not at all skilled.’” As you might imagine, how you think of yourself as an online contributor deeply influences how much you’re likely to contribute online.

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An Open Letter To Phyllis Schlafly

I was raised to believe that women can do anything that men can. I was never hampered by my gender or discouraged by being a woman, even when it would appear that in today’s society there are still some distinct disadvantages to being one. 493 more words


Assessing the Gender Gap in the Film Industry

IMDb, the Internet Movie Database is a massive resource, offering a unique picture of the global film industry. The IMDb list of Actors and Actresses is one of the many databases that we’ve used to evaluate how accurate our Gendre API is in… 655 more words


The Gender Gap

It never ceases to amaze me how topics in my classes overlap despite the courses being so dissimilar. Yesterday, my seminar on women’s psychology and my PR strategy class intersected at a very interesting topic: the gender gap. 455 more words

Unequal Pay: For Women Only - Part Two (There really is a Part One.)

I agreed in Part One of this essay that there may be a small average pay difference of five percentage points between employed American women and men. 2,132 more words

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