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Close the gap! The cost of inequality in women’s work

Sex discrimination at work costs women in poor countries $9 trillion each year – more than the combined GDPs of Britain, France and Germany. This huge inequality exists because women get paid less than men – what is known as the ‘gender pay gap’ – and do not enjoy the same rates of employment: the ‘gender employment gap’. 102 more words


We must build on 'This Girl Can' to reach those who don’t, not just those who already do

Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign launched last week via a prime-time airing of a brand new television advert. Featuring sweat, mud, exhaustion, but above all fun (with slogans such as ‘sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox’ and ‘I jiggle, therefore I am’ adding to the feel-good factor), the ad has already racked up 11 million Facebook and YouTube views. 733 more words

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Does Wanting Success Make You a ‘Bad Feminist’?

In my childhood dreams, my life looked like ever power woman from the 90’s with a razor-sharp suit and an attitude that says, “Yes I’m the boss, but I’ll also cut your throat out.” Through the lens of shows with characters like Murphy Brown, Ally McBeal, and Maxine Shaw, the idea of an independent career orientated woman appealed to me. 707 more words


What's New About Modern Pinay Breaking Traditional Values?

Modern Dating: 

  • Showing interest in a guy doesn’t mean chasing him.
  • Doesn’t mean a girl is not suppose to initiate a conversation with him
  • Doesn’t mean being friends with him makes you unchallenging to be pursued…
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6 Reasons Paula Radcliffe will be greatly missed

One of the all-time-greats of the athletics world, Paula Radcliffe has just announced her retirement after the London Marathon in April. We look back at her incredible career and explain why she brought so much to the sport. 681 more words


Time to Make a Change...

They say a change is as good as a rest. Change invigorates, revitalises, energises and motivates us to push ourselves that little bit further, to explore new things, and to break out from the normal boundaries of everyday life. 734 more words

Gender Tolerance

Wikimedia Research Newsletter, December 2014

Vol: 4 • Issue: 12 • December 2014

Wikipedia in higher education; gender-driven talk page conflicts; disease forecasting

With contributions by: Federico Leva, Piotr Konieczny… 1,807 more words