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Does gender pay gap still exist?

Cut the crap about the gender pay gap

Where would we be without the gender pay gap? With girls outperforming boys at school, outnumbering male students at university, and women experiencing no more practical hindrances than men to achieving anything they want in life, feminists have been forced to shift their attention to the more nebulous cultural sphere in order to prove that women remain victims of a patriarchal conspiracy. 103 more words

Behavioral Economics

What Our Culture of Overwork Is Doing to Mothers

A slew of new research suggests that equality between the sexes, the rise of which seemed to stop in the ’90s like a three-day old helium balloon, is back in the ascendant. 819 more words

Is the gender gap narrowing or are fewer 'sliders' getting married?

One of my favourite social observations about marriage and relationships comes from my favourite marriage and relationship expert Professor Scott Stanley at University of Denver in the States.  735 more words

Harry Benson

Right-tail gender disparity of SAT math scores

Could this be one of the reasons women are underrepresented in engineering and computer science?

2. Chart of the Day above illustrates graphically one of the reasons that women are under-represented in the more mathematically intensive STEM fields like engineering and computer science.

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Jobs After College

Do You Earn More if You Work Harder?

An old boss of mine used to say that he needed to work harder than the rest of the team because he was paid more.  I don’t think it was 100% true, but it certainly was a very motivational thing to hear! 135 more words

Women Use Pinterest, But They Don’t Run It

Only 40 percent of Pinterest employees are women, even though the majority of the company’s users are female, according to a report released by Pinterest Thursday… 445 more words