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Sex and Gender are different concepts. Your genitalia does not tell you to behave a certain way, you are conditioned into it and/or predisposed to certain behaviors through your biological hardwiring – nature / nurture both exert their influence. 1,025 more words


Why Feminism Is NOT a Stupid Concept and Not JUST for Women

In a perfect world everyone would accept everyone. But they don’t. Feminism advocates for both women AND men who are discriminated against by our cis male-dominated society for having more stereotypically feminine qualities. 267 more words


Lizard Kissing

Firstly I must confess to being a major geek. I eat up fantasy and scifi being a major fan of the genre’s and one of my main obsessions is Doctor Who,  the adventures of the alien Time Lord who saves all of time and space using a blue box and a screwdriver. 207 more words


Forever Autumn

The summer sun is fading as the year grows old
And darker days are drawing near


Forever Autumn written by Jeff Wayne (War of the Worlds)

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Mail’s In +5m14d E

So I wanted to write something about some mail that arrived for me today. Two registered letters arrived, two pieces of paper. But perhaps those two pieces of paper were perhaps some of the most significant documents that I have received. 224 more words

About this blog

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first part of a new blog written to introduce myself to you all and to summarise what I want to use this blog to express. 540 more words


Transgenderism is Antifeminism

“The female is a female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities; we should regard the female nature as afflicted with a natural defectiveness.” – Aristotle…

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Radical Feminism