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New Twitter Account

I just set up a new Twitter account, and I’m looking for people to follow, and hoping to find people to follow me. I’m searching for other T-girls like me, focusing more on crossdressing, fashion, make-up, and lifestyles, and shying away from all things pornographic. 17 more words


Who or What

There are days when I wonder who I am, and there are days, like today, when I wonder what am I? I look in the mirror and I’m torn between what I see and what the ideal man is, and the ideal I want for myself which in itself is a contradiction. 63 more words


Confrontation With the Privilege Mirror is SUPPOSED to be Uncomfortable

I remember sitting in my first “Gender 101″ workshop, facilitated by my dear friend and colleague, Beit Gorski. After learning definitions for “cisgender” and “transgender” 882 more words

Identifying as me

Hi. I’m Ashley, one of the many sides to LaurenAsh. I’m timid yet outgoing. Vulnerable yet aggressive. Submissive yet in control. I’m a bit%h and I often want things my way but most importantly I’m not afraid to be a woman!


Does Your State or City Ban Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination in the Workplace?

Last week on The EmpLAWyerologist we learned that federal affirmative action laws now protect workers against sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. Two weeks ago we learned, perhaps to the surprise of many, that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not contain explicit provisions that include such protections, that the federal circuit courts of appeals are split on that question, and that the US Supreme Court has yet to weigh in. 986 more words


Honor a Leader with a Building Dedication!

Recently I was thinking about some of the buildings in downtown Boise; I also spent time thinking about all the great leaders we’ve had over time in the state of Idaho. 686 more words

Add The Words

The Hard Choice: Supporting Your Transgender Child

I was invited to be a guest blogger by Dara Hoffman Fox. She is a gender therapist and runs a site called Conversations with a Gender Therapist. 112 more words