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I guess I should talk about mahboobs. Part 2: Masculinizing gender presentation

Not really having a sense of identity really fucked with me in high school and college, and it still is to this day. It’s a weird thing to just not know who you are in adolescence. 392 more words


Getting It In, My Genders, and Me

“Cisgender?” I muttered to myself in the dark, smudged-makeup-face illuminated by the weak glow of Wikipedia’s mobile page a few months ago. I’m young. I’m hip. 643 more words


1.5 years on T without noticeable masculinizing changes

It’s been a year and a half!  I increased my dosage of Androgel, slightly, about 3 months ago (from 1 pump of 1% daily to 1 pump of 1.62% daily), and still, I’m not seeing physical changes (which is still a big part of my goals).  521 more words


So Close +6m6d E

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a status update of how things are going and where things are at. Ok, let’s not beat around the bush, full-time is close, very close…. 447 more words

Transformation: Rainy Morning

Today I’m bringing you a selection of pictures from a project I made with a friend. Click on the images to enlarge them! 17 more words


IMC TV Statement on Demishevich's Firing

Source: “İMC TV’den açıklama” (“IMC TV Statement”), IMC TV, September 16, 2014. http://www.imctv.com.tr/2014/09/16/imc-tvden-aciklama

Given the claims circulating in certain news sites and social media upon our parting ways with Michelle Demishevich, we feel the need to clarify the issue. 282 more words

LGBT Rights In Turkey

Why Do Guys Play as Gals in WoW?

Woo, gender-bending behavior! This is a favorite subject of mine, in part because we can get into the very minutae of the everyday and analyze how people subvert the stereotypical behavior patterns and expectancies of their gender – often without even realizing it. 667 more words