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Intro to Gender continued

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The LGBT Equity Center has their open house… 534 more words

An Introduction

This blog is here to look into the issues and hardships that modern day transgenders face. I also am not as educated as I wish I was about this topic, so this blog is just as much me learning as anyone else who may be reading. 147 more words

American Psychological Association

Your Child's First Bully

My son is almost three years old. He has been classified as “all boy” by many of my family members and friends when they see him bouncing off the walls, playing in dirt, crashing cars, and shooting fake guns. 2,089 more words

Opinion Pieces

I'm at it again

In my WordPress profile I state that I enjoy upsetting apple carts on occasion. At the time I write this, I have no idea if this cart will topple or fall back onto its wheels, but I’ll keep you informed. 363 more words


A Soldier Woman Played Her Part And Won Her Hardest Battle Now She Fights With Dignity To Support The Rights Of Others

Hey everyone. There are times, unexpected times, when you read a story in a newspaper or journal which for some reason gives you the feel good factor. 894 more words

This Bruce Jenner Situation Is Bothering Me

I don’t watch the Kardashians. I know way more than I want to by just having them thrust in my face. But the tabloids treatment of Bruce Jenner really irks me. 264 more words


Methods to Explore My Identity

I have been thinking about how to explore my identity and “pin it down” for want of a better phrase. The problem with self-exploration is that it’s very easy to get tunnel vision and to become locked inside the mind. 418 more words