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What Non-Binary Means to Me: Candydiosis

I get a massive headache when I think about what it’s supposed to feel like to be any gender. I mean, seriously, how are you supposed to work that kind of stuff out in your head? 633 more words

My Little Renaissance Man

This entry is in honor of Halloween, a time when we can be free, express ourselves and try on different identities. I always thought it must be the worst feeling in the world to have to hide your true identity from the outside world, to lead a double life, in a way. 1,290 more words

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Going Beyond the Western Gender Binary

Hi Constance:  This came across the transom today, and I found it fascinating!  Clearly, the phenomenon of gender variations has been extant as long as gender.   1,627 more words

Gender Issues

Philly Upping Hate Crime Law After Alleged Attack On Same-Sex Couple

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia’s city council has passed a bill authorizing added penalties for gender identity and sexual orientation hate crimes that aren’t covered under state law. 194 more words



The first day of the dreaded cycle has begun. My cramps are oddly tamer than usual.

I had an ultrasound a few days ago, as well as a gyno appointment last month. 403 more words

Houston Mayor withdraws subpoena of five city pastors

Houston Mayor Annise Parker said today she has told the City’s Attorney David Feldman to withdraw Houston’s subpoena of the speeches, emails, notes and texts of five city pastors related to homosexuality, gender identity and Houston Mayor Annise Parker — the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. 597 more words


Hey Halloween! (how costumes fit into our lives)

Happy almost Halloween!  I thought I’d celebrate by digging deep into my writing archives to see if I could find something festive.  It may not be all that festive, but it does seem apt – I found something I wrote 12 years ago, on Halloween day, that touches on gender identity, costumes, and anxiety. 1,010 more words