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The Cost of Gender

I found it interesting that transgenders are spending a lot of money to get a sex change.

in US average cost of getting a sex change is close to $23k or more compared to Thailand which it’s cost for getting a sex change is $8,000… 70 more words


The Art of Whore

The Art of Whore: Why Betas Marry Leftovers by Leap of a Beta” Originally Posted on May 21 at 12 AM as a gift to you from Professor Mentu… 1,783 more words


The Faces of Tyrion Lannister: Part 1

“The Lion and the Rose” is a huge turning point in Tyrion’s story. This is true from my “I’ve read the books and I know what happens” perspective, but it’s also just entirely clear: just as killing the Mad King defined Jaime’s life, being accused of kingslaying is highly likely to define, or at least radically change, Tyrion’s. 1,367 more words

Game Of Thrones


I’m terrified. Like, panic-attack-inducing terrified.

I blame the idiot uterus, but still…

After all the changes I’ve dealt with over the years you’d think this would be no big deal. 421 more words

If You Want To Move The Country Forward, You Need To "Listen" To The Younger Generations Not Dismiss Them As "Whiners"

I generally stay away from labeling generations.  I know there has been a lot of talk about the Gen X, Millennial, and now the Gen Z.  856 more words


The joke's on me...

Mother Nature has a seriously messed up sense of humour… O_o Ya damn jerk.

On “Passing” As A Woman | The TransAdvocate

I laugh sometimes, when I think of these re-posting jags I go on.  Usually I am dribbling around, bouncing my words like playground balls, off the walls of my heart and the floor of my soul.   816 more words

Gender Issues