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Sexual Violence and Trans* Victims

Last Wednesday in my class that I am writing this blog for, someone brought up a very good point that I wanted to address. I have discussed mainly women being the victims of sexual violence, and occasionally men as well, but what about everyone else? 303 more words


You Are You: The Photobook

Sorry that I have not written in a few weeks…I have updates stirring in my head, awaiting available free time for me to put them down in writing. 346 more words

Fun at Theme Parks

My husband, the kids and I went to Disneyland for spring break. Needless to say, every person on earth had the same idea. I don’t know what we were thinking, honestly. 274 more words

My Son is Special

Once upon a time, a wife became a mother of a precious little boy. She spent every hour with him, reading to him, teaching him about colors, seasons, holidays and words, reading books and enjoying walks and visits to the zoo. 1,392 more words

It hurts to be left out...

Well, it’s happened. Again. My son is, once again, excluded from the invite list of a birthday party.

Sam is really friendly, social, and outgoing. He has lots of people who he lists as friends. 1,138 more words