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When is "gay" okay?

And when is “gay” NOT okay?

I was recently reading an article about a boy who was bullied to the extent of committing suicide. The bullies often called him “gay”. 1,608 more words


A Gender Creative Child's Anthem in a Picture Book

Across the country, as trans-identified and gender non-conforming children and teenagers are supported in living their affirmed gender identities, many are finding their anthem in an illustrated songbook by Phyllis Rothblatt: 2,217 more words

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Upcoming! Sixth Annual Genderevolution conference, Salt Lake City UT

Sixth Annual Genderevolution 2014 Conference: Love Your Queer Body

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

The purpose of the Genderevolution is to:

  • Foster community building among trans* folk and allies alike, to help create a strong and safe space to push gender boundaries in the Salt Lake City area.
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Educating About Gender Expression Through Children's Books

I’ve read several children’s books about kids who express themselves in gender non-conforming ways or who are transgender. For example, My Princess Boy is written by a local author, Cheryl Kilodavis, who writes about her son who likes to wear pretty dresses and gets laughed at. 166 more words

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Happiness is Twirling!

The kids were allowed to wear their Halloween costumes to dance classes this week! Khalil had the studio to himself for a few minutes before his ballet classes, and I caught him doing his favorite thing… twirling in front of a mirror in a beautiful dress! 8 more words

Where are the Competent Providers?

First off, sorry for the delay in writing a new post. I have not forgotten about this blog, but with a new baby and all, life has gotten in the way. 1,231 more words

Employment and Education: A Trans Perspective

For transpeople, being true to one’s identity comes at a high price. LGBTQ movements often emphasise the right to love, but for the diverse transgender community, the most pressing needs run along different courses, much deeper ones that are often unseen. 1,665 more words