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And here's to Making a Difference! #NB #GNC #trans* #rapeculture #correctiverape #SouthAfrica

So after a 15-year break from academia, I’ve decided to go back and finish my Masters. VERY excited! One of the reasons I left academia was because it was enabling me to hide from social interaction, so I’ve decided to combine my passion, my activism and the need to exercise my brain and I’ll be doing a gender studies-type MA and along with the course work, will focus on gender non-conformity inside and outside of South Africa’s transgender community. 55 more words


Update on Transgender Families

I’m working now on an update of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn. This is not a full revision – it’s just intended to be a limited update on new trends in maternity care, current statistics, and updated medical guidelines. 1,719 more words


West Hollywood promises relief for all with gender-neutral toilets

By Junior Mayema,

Gender non-conformism and transgenderism the next human rights challenge of our time, people are being forced to use one pronoun at a time or to undergo reassignment surgery or sterilization in order to identity from male to female or female to male or else you have 0 place  in an hetero-normative gender binary society, that is  why toilets like these ones are really needed because sometime, we get confused which one to go in since our gender goes beyond male and female: 711 more words

PTSD and Staying with People

Today I was up earlier than usual, so I decided to go somewhere. While at the “somewhere” where I decided to go, I met a super awesome man. 442 more words

Being queer in a heteronormative relationship.

So 90% of my friends are queers of some description. When I went into full-time work after being surrounded by LGBTQ people at University, I genuinely thought to myself, ‘damn, I forgot that 100% straight people are the majority around here’. 1,157 more words


How to be an ally to someone who is transgender

If you are reading this, chances are you know someone who is transgender. Maybe you are a friend of mine. Perhaps you suspect your child is gender non-conforming. 529 more words


Gender Non-Conforming Clothing Swap Meet 12.28.2014

No longer fit in to your old sizes?! 
Need new-to-you clothes without breaking the bank?

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure!


Bring your GENTLY worn:  192 more words