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Male/Female: To be or Not to Be

After reading Dean Spade Mutilating Gender essay I am baffled and saddened. It seems as if gender binary is causing more strife in society than one cares to recognize or admit. 505 more words


He, She, and Me.

You might not have noticed, but every time you talk about anyone, (and when on Earth does that even happen, really.) you are making a statement about what genitalia they have in their pants. 481 more words


Men Have Issues Too

I know I am stating the obvious but some people still need to hear it or at least I still want to say it. Men have issues too! 333 more words


Indian Cab Driver meets Fabulous Oz

Many of us in Aussieland have been exposed to the ubiquitous presence of Indian cab drivers in the capital cities and doubtless appreciated their contribution to the development of multi-cultural Australia. 129 more words

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A Smile Is Not Always an Invitation

Yesterday as part of Blogging 101, I came across the wonderfully honest, humorous and (sexy) blog: Off the Beaten Path: Being Silly in the City… 528 more words

Sex And Sexuality

Outdated Statistics

I propose, dear reader, that the value of survey evidence as a reflection of current views declines over time. That is, a survey conducted in 2012 is more reflective of current attitudes and beliefs than one conducted in 2002 or in 1992. 329 more words

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Fort Bliss: A Film about a Soldier-Mother

This Friday, a new indie film called Fort Bliss will be released, according to the New York Times. According to the NYT review, the film is about an Army Medic’s struggles with motherhood (among other gendered roles) after returning from a tour in Afghanistan. 68 more words

Iraq & Afghanistan