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Omitting Trans History Omits Everyone's History

When I was in high school, not quite a decade ago, there was a push for teaching the presence significant women, homosexuals and people of color in history.   892 more words

Gender Stereotypes

Not taking the shame.

As a female in today’s society, I will not even begin to list the outrageous standards (often in the form of double) we are held to. 1,372 more words

No Son, That Boy is for Girls

Do you ever wonder just how much marketing affects you? What about toy marketing? What about gendered marketing?

Is your ‘for her‘ pen really… 1,301 more words

Personal Stories

what does it mean?

 I think there is generally a massive misconception about feminism and not only its aims, but its understandings.

the more I do this the more I understand that there are still so many people who do not fully understand what it is, and what true feminism, and especially 3rd wave feminism tries to achieve. 149 more words

The Gender of Modern Dating

Recently I came across an article by Women’s Health by the title “You’re a Feminist… So Why Don’t You Date Like One?” which stated, in brief, that while women are more likely to call themselves feminists today then ever before, women tend to still go by traditional gendered dating standards, such waiting for the guy to initiate a relationship, and letting the guy pick up the tab on the first date. 1,115 more words

Culture & Pop Culture

Does it make me gay?

Recently I introduced a man to pegging and anal play for the first time. Depending on your particular prejudices and stereotypes you may have already created an image of what he was like. 1,072 more words

Men die young—and it's costing the US $479 billion a year

All over the world, men die younger than women and do worse on a host of health indicators, yet policymakers rarely focus on this “men’s health gap” or adopt programs aimed at addressing it. 501 more words