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What We Don't See

Recently on my facebook I saw this image being shared among some of my friends, and some of my friend’s friends.

Personally, this image is neither shocking, nor offensive. 1,030 more words

Trans Representation

Trailing spouses, gendered norms and leaking pipelines of support

This is a post from a friend of mine who, for obvious, reasons need to remain anonymous. I respect them and their work and have been grateful to have their friendship for the past few years. 608 more words

Male Rape

A recent Slate article discusses a new study about male rape which suggests that men are sexually assaulted about as often as women. Not only are men raped at a much higher frequency than previously thought, but the perpetrators against them are often women, a revelation that will radically alter the way we talk about sexual assault and gender. 58 more words


Not Your Normal "Gender Construct" Picture Book

There are many books in the niche of challenging gender norms… and most of them are a waste of time because they are such an amazing mismatch with the day to day lived experience of their target audience. 228 more words

Picture Books

Hairy Pussy

When I was 19, I decided to shave my pussy clean. In the upstairs bathroom at my parent’s house, I placed my tools on the counter: shaving cream, a disposable razor and some Preparation H (to help prevent with the razor bumps afterwards). 304 more words

Sex And Sexuality

Omitting Trans History Omits Everyone's History

When I was in high school, not quite a decade ago, there was a push for teaching the presence significant women, homosexuals and people of color in history.   892 more words

Gender Stereotypes