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"Concert Interruptus" & "That Damn Donna Reed"

Yep. This post is late. Late late late. Sorry about that. It’ll probably happen again sometime in the future.

A little housekeeping. If you live in the New York metro area, Videology in Williamsburg is hosting a Gilmore Girls watch party tonight. 1,810 more words

The Gilmore Girls Project

The F Word

I’ve read enough ThoughtCatalog articles that the time has finally come, intheairwaves is about to write about her views on…that’s right, kiddos, FEMINISM.

I am a twenty-two year old student, writer, blogger, dog mama, photographer, musician, and yes, I am a feminist. 521 more words

How Does Sexism Hurt Men?

I came across this video today and was instantly hooked! Quick, easy, and simple to understand– this is the video that needs to be circulated nationwide! 14 more words


__marketing that makes you double-take

When I looked down in my shower the other day, I couldn’t believe what I read on my sister’s shampoo and conditioner. “Long Term Relationship”. I picked up the bottles and to my disbelief, my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. 184 more words


Why We Need He For She

I have mentioned in my most recent post and slacktivism post that HeForShe has faced some criticism. This is common with any “hot topic” sort of issue like gender equality, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any support for HeForShe. 558 more words

Sexuality & Social Media

What's Sex Got to do With... Superbad?

If you asked me to describe college in three general words I would probably say Academics, Activities, and Alcohol.  I call these the three A’s of college, and although they constitute a huge aspect of many people’s college experience, I would like to focus on alcohol in particular.   378 more words


What's Sex Got to do With... Easy A?

Most of us have probably experienced the social double standards associated with sex.  Guys who sleep with a lot of women are seen as charismatic players and girls who sleep around are seen as sluts.   368 more words