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So Phil Fish got doxxed. That's fucked up

This is going to be brief. Phil Fish getting doxxed is fucked up. Don’t even dare try to support or justify it because he ‘deserved it’. 159 more words


Guest Post: Incorporating gender equality classes into the curriculum


We have here our second guest post; this time from Politics student, Anna Sanders. Though not a teacher herself, she assures me that she went to school a handful of times, and has prepared for us a piece on that oft-neglected topic in pedagogy: … 508 more words

On Selling Sex, Standards and Feminism

I write smut. Most of my stories would not pass the Bechdel Test, as I write mostly hetero couple scenes and much of the dialog is focused on setup for the sex. 325 more words


We haven't moved very far away from the age of 'fallen women'

By Tammy Sutherns

Reeking of the 18th century Ireland Magdalene Asylums, a Chile Catholic Church has confirmed that a priest stole babies for adoption between the 1970s and 1980s.  821 more words


About Zoe Quinn: Not a witch hunt, just a discussion

It’s the big news that nobody is talking about, because you’ll get called a sexist and a bigot if you do. Zoe Quinn, developer of… 439 more words


I love to complain about the media, but now I'll have to stop (maybe)

You’ll have heard me go on about ‘the media,’ as a uniform mass of malevolent¬†goo (emphasis on the ‘male’). You’ll have heard me bang on about ‘content’ and how amazing it is ( 270 more words


Toilet outage and its deadly effects

By Comfort Mussa

The Bamenda Main Market (in the city where I live) has approximately 5000 traders occupying about one thousand shops. The traders in the market and the thousands of people who shop there have access to just four toilets provided by the local council. 403 more words