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How We Modernize and Orientalize: Ambiguity

Ambiguity. How many times have we used that word in class? How many times have I typed it in a blog post? Countless. So many of the works we’ve studied throughout this course employ the ambiguous to draw in–and perhaps, frustrate–the reader. 535 more words

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Taking "Return of Kings" Seriously: A Feminist Battle Unfit For Women

The heteronormative gender divide, reinforced by traditional values and mass media, can be found everywhere that people consume content. From seemingly innocuous ‘battle of the sexes’ game shows, to emotionally manipulative romantic comedies, and even debates that take place in state and federal government, both genders have been subject to countless representations of gender double standards and power struggles to polarizing effect. 1,936 more words


Obama, Republicans Compete In Gender Politics For Female Voters

WASHINGTON (AP) — After months on the defensive over his health law, a more combative President Barack Obama has emerged to fight about gender politics, leading to an election-year competition with Republicans for support from women. 759 more words


Man, I feel like a woman?

In this article, I am going to be discussing the difference between sex, gender and gender identity. So please, if you are unsure what the difference is, consult… 1,896 more words

International study finds heart disease similar in men and women

Medical Press

December 3, 2013

An analysis of data from an international multicenter study of coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) reveals that men and women with mild coronary artery disease and similar cardiovascular risk profiles share similar prognoses. 428 more words

Gender Politics

In Defense of a Woman Fronting Nirvana

Tonight Nirvana will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Given his unabashed nerdiness over music history, I’ve decided that Kurt Cobain would think this is at least a little cool. 632 more words