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Black bodies not for your abuse Osrin

By Jen Thorpe

Cape Town swimming coach Tim Osrin was arrested last week when he allegedly beat up a middle-aged domestic worker, Cynthia Joni, in the middle of the day without the two ever having said anything to one another. 1,316 more words


Sexism and Racism in Politics: Just Grin and Bear It

Time for a brief rant.

As a woman in politics, I hate — utterly hate — that some voters continue to view us as nothing more than decoration on a campaign. 371 more words

Life Goes On

There's No Privilege, Only Class.

First of all, let’s get our definitions straight.

Privilege: An unearned advantage given to a group or individual based on characteristics beyond their control.

Benevolent Discrimination: A benefit given to a group or individual for adhering to certain parameters that restrict their freedom. 4,115 more words


When IS a good time to have children? Apple and Facebook says...

SO the recent Apple and Facebook decision offering women the chance to freeze their eggs instead of dipping out of their careers primetime and using them the old fashioned way understandably provoked opinions. 418 more words


How Dare You, Chris?

First, it was Buzzfeed. Then it was New York Daily News. Then, I had to do it. I looked it up on Google. 743 more words


The F-Word

There are a lot of things that confuse me in this world – the popularity of Crocs, people who think UKIP have intelligent and well thought-out policies, and defenders of the Second Amendment, to name just a few – but one of the things which makes no sense to me at all is the cultural condemnation of the feminist movement. 619 more words

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The politics of gender, part 1

By Nadika Nadja

My name is a tweak of the Tamil word for actress – Nadigai. I chose the name for myself, because for a long while I was putting on an act. 763 more words

I Say She Says