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Twelve Days of Anime #4: The "Year of Sailor Moon" That Wasn't

So, I think pretty much everyone knows at this point that I’m a huge Sailor Moon fan. I’ve seen most of the 1992 anime, and read the entire manga. 1,281 more words


A rape epidemic — by women?

Glenn Harlan Reynolds | USA Today | September 23, 2014

Writing in Time, Cathy Young notices something interesting in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures on rape: … 841 more words

Gender Politics

There's Something Barry Told Me

Barry is a dude. He’s a good mensch.

He’s in his 70s but when you meet him and talk to him, even in his eyes, his spirit is that of a youthful soul, someone in his 20s. 404 more words


women you didn't hear about in 2014...

We noted yesterday that there are a number of truly important events that occur in the world that the mainstream media rarely, or does not ever report on. 264 more words


The Difference Between Men and Women

1. MAN

MAN goes into bathroom. Sees WOMAN did not open bathroom window after shower… Again. This despite her knowing that the extractor fan does not work and therefore the window must be opened to prevent EVERYTHING GOING MOULDY. 239 more words


An Observation on The So-Called Glass Ceiling and Gender Inequality

Recently I’ve found myself in a number of loaded discussions centered on the subject of women in the workplace and how they are not equally paid and don’t achieve the leadership positions that men do on an equal scale. 525 more words

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Please, stop touching me

I stood over his desk showing him a calendar of astrophotography. It was a discussion he started. Suddenly, the subjected changed. “Things are really taking off. 563 more words