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Male- and female-dominated fields

In Percentage of Bachelor’s degrees conferred to women, by major (1970-2012), Randal S. Olson posted the following image:

He makes the point that there is no “STEM” gender gap. 807 more words

4 Pointers to Consider While Selecting an Engineering College in Punjab

Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology has been recognized as one of the top engineering colleges in North India. The acclaim comes as a great boost for the authorities to take forward the legacy of providing undisputed quality. 268 more words

"It's Probably Because You're a Girl"

On my last work term, I worked with the university’s tech support department, I helped many people with computer problems over the phone and there were quite a few weird and very memorable calls, including one involving an email starting with LKaida which I said out loud over the phone, realized how it sounded and nearly laughed at her right then and there. 751 more words

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