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Woes of The Chivalrous Fighter

Jab. Cross. Uppercut. 

Shit! You got her in the boobs. Again.

“I’m sorry.”


Should I give her a push kick? Will she be able to take it? 835 more words


Why We Are Still Fighting For Equality

In a perfect world, we would all be equal. Stereotypes would be cast down, insalubrious gender roles would be laid aside; and instead of outside factors like culture, race, gender and society ideology directly affecting the way we perceive ourselves and others, we could rely on innate qualities of person and personality and focus solely on those. 433 more words


What is Female Empowerment?

 “A woman who seeks to be equal to a man lacks ambition”



Are we as woman selling ourselves short? Are we embracing being a woman? What is feminism really?

390 more words

Men – Why Women think they are Better than You!

Women think they are better than you because they constantly feel like you are having to catch up in the conversation. The reason this feeling is overwhelming is because men generally are trying to play “catch up.” What we often don’t realize is that the “talk” has actually taken place already inside the woman’s head and the conclusion (even sometimes the debate) has taken place long ago as well. 196 more words


Loving Beyond Gender: What Dating A Woman Taught Me About Dating Men

Long before I met my first girlfriend, I knew I had within me the capacity to love beyond gender.  I am attracted to every form; all our expressions of masculine and feminine. 1,203 more words

Insecure Broads

Your Child Doesn't Always Know Best

On the eve of May 21st, I was birthed from my mother during a questionably successful cesarean and immediately thrown into life-altering medical treatments.  These surgeries left my body with deep, harsh scars and an ulcer that always made me extremely uncomfortable when changing during middle school gym.  686 more words


Dead hands of foam lead me to
The stasis that is extinction of human life
Black sweet blood mouthfuls
Of the Cities we built, machines we taught… 93 more words