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Why I always cross-dressed on Halloween

My mom always made costume shopping the weeks before Halloween an excursion of self-discovery within the cheaply sewn, overpriced polyester disguises for my three younger brothers and me. 543 more words

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Guest Post: Linda Midgett's Disquieting Showdown with the "Proverbs 31 Woman"

When Cathleen asked me to contribute to Disquiet Time, the new a collection of essays by “the Skeptical, the Faithful and a few Scoundrels,” I didn’t think twice about saying “yes,” nor did I worry much about which category might best fit me. 627 more words


Gender role use to increase the sale!

Have you noticed that women have been used in advertisement just for increase the sale of the product. There is a nice example of  advertisements from 1950s/60s and present time which perfectly presents how media saw and see women. 195 more words

Men and women, as facebook wants us to believe!

I have read zillion posts on what a woman is on facebook! Today, a new entry found its way in – what a man is! Well, here’s my take: 1,426 more words


My Experiences of Sexism Within Gaming

Firstly let me make it clear I’m not arguing there is no sexism within gaming and that sexism doesn’t exist. I fully believe sexism exists and have dealt with it within my education, work place and on the internet. 643 more words


Who is raising our children?

Most of all parents are taking seriously their responsibility to raise their child well. Despite this parental effort, they are not the only ones who are raising their children. 533 more words

Visions of African youth - injustice for men.

Sonke’s One Man Can Campaign uses PhotoVoice to Ensure that children’s needs are heard.

Children across Africa, between the ages of 12 and 18, spoke about how they see themselves in their communities – their perceptions of adults, their understandings of gender and HIV/AIDS, and their experiences with service delivery, with school and sometimes with illness, abuse and hunger. 468 more words

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