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Your Child Doesn't Always Know Best

On the eve of May 21st, I was birthed from my mother during a questionably successful cesarean and immediately thrown into life-altering medical treatments.  These surgeries left my body with deep, harsh scars and an ulcer that always made me extremely uncomfortable when changing during middle school gym.  686 more words


Dead hands of foam lead me to
The stasis that is extinction of human life
Black sweet blood mouthfuls
Of the Cities we built, machines we taught… 93 more words


On Being A Woman

At least three friends of mine from college “accused” me of not being women alike (watching soccer games was considered as not girly). I countered their statement by a question: 440 more words


Today in Cis Privilege: Naked headless women golf tees, it’s all a bit of a laugh

Naked headless women golf tees, it’s all a bit of a laugh, eh? Adding, according to Dunlop, “a little humour to your game” or “the perfect gift for someone who takes the sport a little too seriously.” Bend down and stick the nice bit of pink plastic tits and arse in the ground, balance your golf ball head, swing and “thwack”. 241 more words

Cis Privilege

Today in Cis Privilege: The dead-mother plot is common in cartoons & children’s fiction

Bambi’s mother, shot. Nemo’s mother, eaten by a barracuda. Lilo’s mother, killed in a car crash. Koda’s mother in Brother Bear, speared. Po’s mother in Kung Fu Panda 2, done in by a power-crazed peacock. 151 more words

Cis Privilege


Rhetoric is one of the most effective ways in which the disempowerment of women is perpetuated in our society. In particular, phrases linked to femininity that are intended to be insulting are hugely damaging. 11 more words

Gender Role