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Core Sex Identity

We are in most part born male or female, this is determined by most people at conception with either a x or y sperm joining an egg which will have an x or xx. 1,477 more words


Sex role scripts and scripted sexuality, the power behind the male gaze.

Sex roles scripts are a conservative thing, a favorite of the right and the lapsing of sex roles has always been linked to the breaking of morality codes. 1,062 more words


An introduction to sex role scripts, gendurality and gendural orientation.

Biological sex refers to male or female or intersex. The standard word used to refer to biological sex is now gender. Because of this many people hear a confusing message when they hear the word gender abolition, and many respond by saying “gender is biological, do you want to create a sexless race all the same and androgynous” and they respond like this in many cases because gender means sex now as in male or female. 881 more words


What's Sex Got to Do With... The Cosby Show?

Over the past two decades, The Cosby Show has become a staple in cultural discourse about family life and, by extension, how minorities are represented on television. 386 more words


Why be a tradeswoman?

When I was a little girl, my dad had a sailboat, and every summer we would take off for a week-long sail to undiscovered (to us) islands. 453 more words

Gender Role

10 Psychological Theories That Prove We’re Mindless Robots

We are the architects of our own personalities—or so at least we’ve been led to believe by our mothers. The truth is, we don’t have much control over our behavior and our perceptions of the world. 1,737 more words


We Glorify Apathy And Laziness While We Blame Behavior On Gender Roles

The millennial generation is lazy. Sorry if I’ve pissed you off, but the advent of Wikipedia, smart phones and Burger King delivered to your doorstep has made things really easy for us. 833 more words