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"Swatting is acceptable in certain situations"

I’ve written this blog post four times. I’ve written it angry, discouraged, royally pissed off, and totally deflated. I’m not sure what mood I am experiencing at the moment. 908 more words


Final Thoughts on Mulan

So let’s talk about Mulan. I know it’s another Disney movie and that pretty much all of my movies have been family movies so far. This will change for at least the next couple of weeks, but for this week we get another Disney movie. 801 more words

Final Thoughts

Cute, part 1: Disability Consolation Prize

My students are cute. I suppose I carry a bias, since I have taught them for two or three years now, and I am accustomed to their particular brand of cuteness. 898 more words


Objectification and consent among children

Several of my friends have posted the now-viral video of the young Italian boys and their response to violence against a peer:

Many descriptions I’ve read have used words like “refreshing” or “heartwarming” to describe the young children’s reactions to the directive to slap the girl, named Martina, whom they have just met. 434 more words


Critic | Little Game - Benny

Heyaa lil’pies! Hope you’re all doing fine as Christmas is approachiiing ♥ I’m super over excited right now, and I’ll be for the next week (and until NYE, actually) so bare with me and my too-much-excited-self. 1,049 more words