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The Bearded Lady

Backwards moving,
In her dizzying field of vision,
Bloody heels from stiff formal shoes;
Feel the gliding, flying with each step.
The Man
Secretly smiles into her fair finger-waves; 206 more words

I Wrote This

Wriggling Free: Discovering Liberation in a Handful of Worms

Everyone wants to fit in. But sometimes you have to break free from the crowd. It’s liberating, but it’s also lonely. I was ten when I realized I’d have to go my own way. 1,292 more words

Gender Roles

misogyny reveal gone viral

TW: Post contains mention of abortion and infanticide.

Last month a video of a boy throwing a tantrum over the gender of his baby sister went viral. 469 more words

Sister Carrie – Theodore Dreiser (1900)

Reading Dreiser’s Sister Carrie, which is great and rather L-O-N-G. So in the meantime, I came across this lovely quote during my reading it: 31 more words

On Gender and Beer: Changing Our Expectations of Women

Remember that? In 2003, this was the apex of  advertising for Miller Lite, who aired the ad during that year’s Super Bowl. The cause of the argument – “great taste” or “less filling” – doesn’t really focus on the beer, does it? 916 more words


Real Talk: Femininity- Traditional, Modern, OR Both ?

Recently Actress Kirsten Dunst made some comments about roles of women that spark some controversy among feminist. So it got me think about the whole thing about what is the correct way to be a woman. 313 more words

Random Thoughts

Calling for MEN!

Anyone notice a serious lack of man power? I know you have. Consider this my disclaimer before I elaborate: I LOVE strong women, I consider myself a strong woman. 726 more words