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Introducing Special Snowflake #24749

I’ve been talking about this article over and over because there’s so much here to discuss, so it’s time for me to channel my inner GallusMag and write a blog post about this Special Snowflake. 3,150 more words


Two contrasting ideas of what 'agender' means

In my blog post, Gender identity as a private and subjective experience, I discussed Wikipedia’s definition of gender identity. When I accessed it on December 14, 2014 it said the following: “Gender identity is a person’s private sense, and subjective experience, of their own gender.” I described my feelings about my own gender identity throughout my life and named them as a private experience. 1,602 more words

Radical Feminism

The Double Standard’s in South Asian Culture.

We South Asians are experts in creating double standards when it comes to gender.  I have been conscious of how my culture defines different expectations based on gender. 706 more words

Where Art Thou, My Prince?

Humor me, for just this one, okay???

Where art thou, my prince, do you not KNOW how much my back hurt, having to lie, on this panel of glass coffin every single day and every single night, after I took that deadly bite from my stepmother’s poisonous TRUTH?   269 more words


Feminism and the Role of Women

I love having intellectual debates and conversations about just about anything. Though my husband is an incredibly intelligent man, he despises these types of conversation. As frustrating as this can be for me, I know that I cannot expect my him to fulfill my every need and whim. 524 more words


A New Low in Toys for Girls: Feces Are Magical and Fun!

The old baby dolls that could “go potty” were apparently not enough for today’s girls, so now we have dolls that crap rainbows and jewels. 671 more words