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Andrea Joyce: A Pioneer in Broadcasting

Throughout the history of the world, women have seemingly always been put on a lower pedestal than men. Whether this is in the world of sports, in the workforce, or even in the media, women have never been as successful than men simply due to long lasting… 1,015 more words

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Dr Matt Taylor's shirt was an empowering, righteous masterpiece- and here's why.

While the controversy surrounding Dr Matt Taylor’s shirt is slowly dying down (while the hype buzzing around his massive step forward for science remains) there are still some, dwindling at the very depths of a long-dead topic, ‘calling for his head.’ So here’s why Taylor’s shirt was badass- not just that, but complimentary towards women (and not at all derogatory) through the eyes of a young woman who failed science. 1,108 more words


Lego and the equality war

I saw this pic today. A letter from Lego in the 1970′s saying that Lego is a toy for girls and boys

Back then, Lego was very aware of feminism, and… 287 more words

Ladies: How to win the genuine respect of gentlemen

There are many types of ways people exercise power over others.  For most of human history, the primary methods for doing this were fear or coercion.  6,010 more words


Happily Ever After...?

The issue of gender equality in the workplace is a biggie, and one that I was waiting to tackle for now.  But I just had to share this recent article from… 247 more words

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Really Recommended Posts 11/21/14- St. Francis, Science, gender, and more!

I have rustled up another set of links for you, dear readers, to enjoy! Let me know what you thought of them, and be sure to drop a comment or “like” on their posts as well! 186 more words

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A Gander at Gender.

I often find myself leading myself down a path of a topic in my mind, not particularly sharing it with anyone because I think some people, including Ross, may find me strange for thinking of such things. 552 more words

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