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Actual Mexican Independence Day (Day 3)


Today, we had a culture competence discussion. I found it very interesting. Culture is what drives me to travel to different countries. Culture is what caused me so much confusion as a child. 1,302 more words

The Gifts We Give

People love to bring things for Miss O when they visit and she relishes every opportunity to rip paper from boxes and toss tissue in the air with wild abandon. 938 more words


Dear Other Mother: Little Boys and Gender Roles

Dear Mom I Saw in the Baby Store a Few Weeks Ago,

I saw you and your son on the way out the door as my daughter and I were choosing finger nail polish, and the two of you have been on my mind ever since.

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Gender Roles

Regionalism and Gender Roles in Freeman's "Revolt of 'Mother'"

“The Revolt of ‘Mother'”, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, explores a New England regionality that places an emphasis on the enforcement and exploration of gender roles. 588 more words


This Made Me Furious (but I can't remember why)

I ranted my internal monologue to bits on this topic yesterday. Let’s see what comes out now.

Someone I know recently went to an event for single people. 379 more words

My life in social media

I apologize for the potentially bad grammar, typos, and the like that are sure to follow. I have been super busy between my various organizations, a summer working 2 jobs, school (which is especially and absolutely wonderfully queer this year), officer positions, settling into a new place, and being student athlete on top of just taking some time for myself every once in a while and the gloriousness of sleeping to write anything for awhile. 605 more words

Anyone can cook...

For a really long time, I loathed the thought of cooking. That was before I tried it for the first time. As a girl, many people tried indoctrinating me into a sexist culture, that woman should cook. 405 more words

New Experiences