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Are male coaches overpowering female coaches?

By Laura McNicholas

As a female athlete, coach, and referee in soccer, I find it astounding how little women are involved in professional sports – especially when it comes to being in charge of a team. 608 more words


Making feminists everywhere angry

I believe I should have been alive in the 50s. I want to clean until 4:15pm and then shower and do my hair and makeup and dress nice in time for my husband to come home to a hot meal. 166 more words

Transgender: It's All In Your Head

Two interesting studies from ScienceDaily.com support what many have long believed: Gender is biologically based rather than being a social construct (though gender roles have a social basis which often capitalizes on biological inclinations). 298 more words


Tomboys and Girly Girls and Real People

I’ve been thinking about gender roles recently. Now, I’m not the kind of “feminist” who goes about ranting about how she thinks all men are pigs and should be destroyed or whatever. 780 more words


A World of Neither

My daughter doesn’t want to be a girl.
But she doesn’t want to be a boy either.
She wants to live somewhere in between.
She wants to move into a world of neither. 646 more words

Greasy Kid Stuff

A Boys' Own adventure: Night at the Museum 3

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while – don’t worry if you haven’t seen the film, no spoilers here!

Night at the Museum 3: The Secret of the Tomb… 417 more words


On looking tough

Why do I try to dress tough, I analyzed myself the other day, trying not to think about stupider  trivialities. The black, the converse, the short hair. 175 more words