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You'd "drift off," too, if you got a feminist harangue when you tried to be helpful

Wouldn’t you like to strike up a conversation with Soraya Chemaly?

Last week as I sat in a cafe, a man in his 60s stopped to ask me what I was writing.

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Letting Kids be Kids: Gender Stereotyping and Clarks Shoes

Here’s the email I’ve just sent to Melissa Potter, Chief Executive of Clarks Shoes, in reply to her letter to the #letshoesbeshoes campaign which was launched at change.org. 352 more words


Glamour, trans politics and the outrageous idea that adult human females might be people

It was the free eyeliner that did it. After over a year of avoidance I caved in and bought a copy of Glamour and yes, it’s as rubbish as it ever was (but “hey, it’s okay if your new sandals require strategically placed plasters to be wearable”. 912 more words


Boy or girl? Why not have a stereotype instead?

I knew my sons were boys four months before they were born. For each, a penis was visible on the twenty week scan. They were not, shall we say, “modest”, which is just as well, because I wanted to know in advance. 885 more words


Boys vs Girls : Gender stereotyping a fiction or distorted reality !!!


“Men who cry are sissies ; Women who don’t cry are heartless”

“Women love gossip and shopping ; Men love sports and are obsessed about sex” 1,022 more words

Gender Stereotyping

Rage...all day, all night

My daily encounters with gender stereotyping make me rage. Often, there is no one to rant to, so the rage takes the form of an angry monologue in my head. 642 more words


A Typical Day

Today was an ordinary day, a day like any other day of the week in our household; I woke up and got my children fed and dressed, my eldest son (A) left for school with his friends and I went to teach for my morning Playschool class with my youngest (N) in tow, we came home at lunch and spent the afternoon packing before returning to the school to pick up A. 823 more words