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Michelle O: "Women are smarter than men"; Time Mag: "And men who disagree are stupid"

Time’s Charlotte Alter femsplains to all you dumb guys:

Michelle Obama Jokes That ‘Women Are Smarter Than Men,’ Men Don’t Get It

You can tell she’s joking because of the eye roll, the eyebrow raise, and the fact that the audience laughed after she said it.

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Females flying solo: A guide to empowerment

“66% of fourth grade girls say they like science and math. But only 18% of all college engineering majors are female.”

Verizon’s 2014 commercial raises some very good points. 568 more words

Pink Aisles and Blue Aisles

We’ve all heard about gender stereotyping in children’s toys, but what about everyday adult products?

You’d be surprised.


Sexism at the workplace

In the light of recent debates and discussions around gender stereotyping, The Hyderabad Times ran an article on sexism at the work-place.

MD & CEO Swarnalatha Iyer was quoted in their feature- “… change the way we bring up our boys, and things will change.” 10 more words


Little Girls Doing What They Love

I’m in love with these six-year-olds.

They skateboard because they love doing it and are showing everyone what they’re capable of.

One of the fathers admits being doubtful at times but that his little girl keeps proving him wrong. 24 more words


Summer holiday survival pt 1: Desi Gender Stereotyping

It’s school summer holidays and hopefully we’ll get to spend some quality (er…!) time with our children. It’s a great time to get to know our children again, in a way, without the rush of routine, homework and after-school activities to think about. 878 more words

Desi Sexism

First-world problems: parenting

As a mother, I find myself having to take a stand constantly in matters big and small. In some areas, such as nutrition and hygiene, popular opinion is on my side– my struggles are confined to finding ways to get and keep Bee on-board. 598 more words