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How The Gender Stereotyping of Women Has Affected Men and Women

the effect of gender stereotyping really takes place as early as ones childhood where we’re most often exposed to children’s movies that we don’t realize carry all these underlying messages. 645 more words


The Science of Gender Stereotypes

Science plays a role in the gender stereotyping of women because people try to use science as a way of supporting the idea that women are inferior because of their biological and physical limitations and should only focus on bearing children because that is what they are most capable of doing. 146 more words


Pink and Blue

I feel that society is one of the biggest contributors to the gender stereotyping of women because even as early as childhood is society trying to set gender norms. 115 more words


False Advertising

The media is a very broad subject that involves the music, television, and movie industry, as well as the internet. They all have been used, at some point, in a way that stereotypes women and makes them seem as though they are supposed to strive to become the housewives, models, school teachers, or day care workers. 208 more words


Chicago Photos

General shots from around the city

This was built as a water works?

Very scary ‘girl’s’ shop

Horses all over the place, sponsored by shops and companies to commemorate police horses… 47 more words


Toys Have Genders? We’re Not Buying It!

Approximately five minutes after Thanksgiving dinner ended, the holiday shopping season commenced. Those of us who are parents will spend the next few weeks being bombarded by advertisements for every toy imaginable. 1,135 more words


For Children | NASA

Sometimes, especially when I walk into toy stores to find my niece or nephew a present I become so discouraged at the toy selection.  I usually have to hunt around different areas and go into different stores just to find a gift that isn’t only about princesses and trucks.  295 more words