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What can a boy be?

On the first nice day of spring in the Boston area, I caught site of this little boy pushing his pink stroller alongside dad, who was pushing his own stroller. 124 more words

Boys And Men In Media

Things to never say to women who don't want kids

Good article, good, good article! Heck, you might even want kids later in life (like me, I’ve gone from no babies to considering one at least in the distant future – although I suspect this is because I’m surrounded by baby makers), but for now, in your 20s, all you want is for people to leave you the hell alone on this issue! 76 more words


Pushing the Monster Away....the inner life of boys

Read this first in a series of articles taken from my journals and theses, about troubling challenges boys face in this culture…
Excerpts from Protectors and Warriors/Lonergan/2003…
1,737 more words

Stories From The Cottage

gender specific kids' book marketing, and The Independent UK's response

A year or so ago, my parents and I visited a chain bookstore in Vancouver, trying to find a good book for my four year old nephew. 427 more words

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that's what little girls are made of

A little less than 4 weeks ago, I had my second child, a daughter. I am over the moon to have her, of course (although all the comments about how wonderful a “pigeon pair” is or how I “can stop now” got old fast and made me extremely defensive of the imaginary little boy she might have been) and yes, I confess I have already been shopping for dresses and added butterflies to her bedroom wall. 1,792 more words


On Gender and How We Can Stop Boxing In Our Kids

Gender stereotyping is something I feel particularly strongly about on a large scale social level. I can say I feel strongly about smacking for example, but really that essentially remains between the smacker/smackee, it doesn’t have huge widespread social implications nor are you likely to be criticised regularly for going even slightly for against whatever the norm is in your particular area. 1,551 more words


The Pink / Blue Divide Strikes Again

I hope you can see this photo clearly enough. It shows a doctor’s set and a hairstylist’s set.

No prizes for guessing which is blue and which is pink.