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Lessons from a Father: Language Beyond Gender

Tuhin A. Sinha

Tuhin A Sinha is among the best-selling authors in India, a columnist and a screenwriter. Starting in 2006 with his first book, That Thing Called Love, an unconventional romance set in a Mumbai monsoon, Tuhin has written five novels. 682 more words

A rape epidemic — by women?

Glenn Harlan Reynolds | USA Today | September 23, 2014

Writing in Time, Cathy Young notices something interesting in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures on rape: … 841 more words

Gender Politics

The War at Home: Enduring Evidence

This post was written by Stella Mukasa.

When my colleague asked me if I had any questions for the woman before me in a hospital bed, her skin taut and raw from the burns, I could barely speak. 849 more words


#StayWokeAdvent: On How We Dismiss Gender and Racial Violence as Other People's Problems

Last week I wrote my debut blog post about differing racial realities, and I am glad that it has resonated well with some people. My only expertise in this area, however, is my own experience: growing up in the South, going to a high school where racial tensions were sometimes in evidence, and being awake for a while now, paying attention and listening to the stories of others. 1,018 more words


Walls of Lavapiés: Graffiti Against Gender Violence

A graffiti series walks with you in Lavapiés this afternoon: graffiti written in purple on the walls on calle Embajadores. You have to stop and read: the first name of a woman and the initials of her last names, gender violence as the motive for her murder, the date and place of the murder. 427 more words


Gender Violence in India Report 2014: Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment at the workplace, which India’s criminal laws often group with street harassment, is nevertheless a distinct category of gender violence. It is defined by its occurrence in a ‘workplace’, or any physical or virtual space where individuals are employed to work, either formally or informally, with or without remuneration. 2,341 more words

Gender Violence

Gender Violence in India 2014: Domestic Violence

The United Nations General Assembly addressed domestic violence in Resolution 58/147, ‘Elimination of domestic violence against women’. This resolution defines domestic violence as occurring ‘within the private sphere, generally between individuals who are related through blood or intimacy’, and notes that it is ‘one of the most common and least visible forms of violence against women’. 1,915 more words

Gender Violence