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put on your red shoes and dance the blues

The music is deafening. I am dancing next to my friend who is dancing intimately with a man. I’m looking around me when I make eye contact with a guy with glittery eyes. 898 more words


Morning feminism, pride and sunny togetherness

A morning bed conversation about feminism, transsexuality and gender.
Listening to our neighbour congratulate him on doing such a good job with the van conversion. I like it when people are proud of him. 7 more words

flibaty giberts!

for some reason the wordpress interface confounds me. arg! any suggestions? :) ty

okay…wow…got back to a screen to be able to edit. there is hope yet.


Thank you, Dr. Thomas Satterwhite!!

I’m just loving how my chest looks, 1 week 2 days post surgery. Loving it!! Thank you Dr. Thomas Satterwhite in SF Bay Area for having so much pride in your work and your patients happiness.   24 more words


Look at this!

Okay, so apparently, on September 20th (a Saturday), on the front page of the Washington Post, there was an article.  (Well, obviously there was an article.)  And this article has apparently been sparking conversations.   112 more words

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GamerGate: how intelligent gamers are being hoodwinked

2014 is a confusing year to be a gamer. Suddenly the gaming culture is called into question where before it was relegated to a level that did not deem it worthy of criticism. 1,218 more words