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Thwarted Escape

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By Lopa Banerjee

I don’t know how these empty years have passed slowly, in evanescence. 3,970 more words


Romantian Women

Romantian Women

Let it be known to all who enter elektraspace that Romantian women are the most lovely, divine, and delightful creatures living on God’s green earth. 494 more words


Romantian Men

Romantian Men

Honor, courage, valor, integrity, character. These are the words that describe the men of Romantia. Romantian men are appalled by the loose morality and slack standards of the  252 more words


People's Social Forum

The People’s Social Forum is a “grassroots, historical gathering of progressives from Québec, Canada and First Nations” that will take place from August 21-24, 2014 in Ottawa-Gatineau. 147 more words


Living a Transgender Childhood Signal Boost

As a cisgendered girl who has little experience with issues of gender identity, I did not feel that I was qualified, so to speak, to try and spark any discussion on gender identity. 250 more words


Are You a Girl?

But it wasn’t just once. Today I was asked this question over and over by the same prick before he had even fully gotten out of his red van. 738 more words


public colosseum

The world has always been the largest stage

With billions of rude eyes from the audience.

They blabber about your figure, your age.

About race, gender, faith, and all nonsense. 61 more words

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