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The End Game Of The Matriarchy

The Patriarchy is dead. God save the Patriarchy!

In the archives are CH posts about feminist utopias, how they would manifest and the signs that America is… 529 more words

Ugly Truths

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Manservants, just one more sign of the total collapse of civilization. But women don't need men anymore. They have Uncle Sam to take care of their financial needs and a hundred horny males lined up to sniff their privates. On command only, of course.

Summer Book Club, Week 5

Welcome to the semifinal edition of the Junto Summer Book Club! Before we head into the closing week, let’s pause at Chapters 8 and 9 of Kathleen Brown’s… 742 more words


We want your photos! Gender, ethics and health systems

The aim of this competition, organised by Research in Gender and Ethics (RinGs), a new cross-RPC partnership between Future Health SystemsReBUILD and RESYST… 490 more words


The Art of 'Humble Inquiry'

Humble Inquiry, by Edgar H. Schein, documents the type of communication that should be applied to various personal and professional relationships. Along with building relationships, people need to start “asking questions to which they do not already know the answer”. 568 more words

International Development

The G20 and Gender Equality: How the G20 Can Advance Women's Rights in Employment, Social Protection and Fiscal Policies

The G20 and Gender Equality: How the G20 Can Advance Women’s Rights in Employment, Social Protection and Fiscal Policies. Oxfam International. Shawna Wakefield. July 14, 2014. 82 more words


The Feminist Conspiracy

I am standing in line for the “family bathroom” at Southgate Mall, waiting to use the nursing chair. Although I am pretending to be relaxed—chatting with the mother of a one-month old son—I am in fact terrified. 948 more words

Women in a Male World: the media, identity and self-worth

“Is everyone feeling empowered? You will be after this session.”

Moya Sayer-Jones chaired the first session of the 2014 Byron Bay Writers’ Festival in the Womankind Marquee on Friday morning, and set a high standard for the discussion to follow. 430 more words

Byron Bay Writers' Festival