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Equality is not always about numbers

Andrew Wilson writes for the Think blog, which aims to help people engage with deep theological issues, and today posted about feminism and ‘equality’ – his quotation marks, not mine. 701 more words


I wasn't sure where to post this but I guess here works...Is being called 'nice' now an insult?

In my English classes at school our teacher wouldn’t allow us to use the word ’nice’ as an adjective. Of course the objective of this instruction was to encourage an exploration of vocabulary, not to form a negative response to the word ’nice’ into adulthood. 488 more words

Why 'Woman on Top' thinking can be dangerous


Yes, we get it.

You want to be powerful. You want to appear confident. You want to outshine your female co-workers and take on your male superiors (let’s face it, the top tier of the hierarchy is still comfortably occupied by men, … 349 more words

The 'Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels' Collar

I made this collar because I wanted to say something about the need women have to look out for themselves, because despite Equal Pay acts they are often paid less than men doing equal work of equal value.   404 more words