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Updates and Male Privilege

I left my hair long.

It’s starting to curl, and I want to see what it’s like once it reaches my shoulders. Beyond.

Despite my (understandable) fears, my students forgive me my appearance; if they’re going to have a hard time taking me seriously it’ll be because I’m visibly nervous in front of them, but that can’t be helped. 366 more words


The First Time

As DFAB I have been told about my first time since the first time I was able to understand what sex was. Raised Catholic I have been told how precious my virginity is. 420 more words

How to attack a woman who works in video gaming | theguardian.com

A culture of hate and suspicion has descended on the games industry, and at the centre of the vortex is a familiar foe: women. Ask Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn. 70 more words


Gender Equalization - Gender Competition

Sometimes in the way of motivating Gender Equalization,

We Indirectly encourages Gender Competition by backdoor…

We must have to understand that,

Gender Equalization and Gender Competition is two different thing. 16 more words


On Challenging the Gender Binary

As I kid, my parents never kept me from doing or wearing “boy” stuff, if that was what I wanted. I grew up progressively more and more masculine. 639 more words

Party, vacation, and TERFs

My partner and I made it through this party I’d been half-dreading, a party to celebrate our prior unification ritual.  It was a lot of things, but largely, it felt validating and joyous, in a chaotic sort of way.  1,024 more words


You Don't Have to Be Anything!--Being Agender and What that Means

Hello once again! So, as I mentioned in my last post, I thought it would be a good idea to go into more detail about being agender and what that term actually means. 653 more words