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Women Who Fight and the Bishops Who Disapprove

I recently found out about this story from October, in which Pennsylvania’s Catholic hierarchy decided to take a brave stand against the perceived scourge of male/female high school wrestling: 705 more words

I Answered His Call

I thought the number looked familiar but I never thought he’d call again.

Then I picked up the phone and said hello. When he said hello back, I knew it was him but I still had to ask, “Who is this?” to make sure my ears were not mistaken. 565 more words


Putting a human face on ‪statistics: "All I Want Is a ‪‎Job‬! ‪Unemployed‬ ‪Women‬ Navigating the Public ‪Workforce‬ System"

An ethnographic sociologist Mary Gatta (Rutgers University) went undercover, posing as a client in a New Jersey One-Stop Career Center which is supposed to be an unemployed worker’s go-to resource on the way to re-employment. 243 more words


Christmas Memories

I am trying to think of my earliest memory. I realize the earliest memories that I have are of Christmas when I was a toddler. I cannot remember exactly how old I was, but we lived in the old trailer on Georgia Hwy. 1,079 more words


Alex + Steve's Silly String Gender Reveal

On a dreary, drizzly, chilly November day, two smiling people brightened things up with a Silly String fight! Alex + Steve met in Madison (go Badgers!) and their fun-loving personalities meshed right off the bat. 126 more words


Sexism is a Two-Way Street

A blog I follow called ChapterTK posted about the sexist climate women have to deal with on the internet. You can find it here: http://chaptertk.com/2014/12/19/voices-of-women-silenced-by-internet-trolls/ 1,031 more words