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Honor Sewanee women: Gender disparity on the Honor Council

By Marion Givhan
Staff Writer

How much does the gender of the members matter on the Honor Council? My friend, a young woman who ran for the freshman spot on the Council, was the first person to inform me of the shocking fact that Taylor Baird (C’15) and Paniz Rezaeerod (C’15) are the only two – two! 440 more words


Please don’t find me attractive

I’ve never particularly enjoyed when someone finds me attractive. Of course, I want to be attractive. I want to where the right outfit, to have my hair flip that certain way, for my lips to curl slightly, surprised and delighted. 319 more words


PERFORMANCE: Kelvin Atmadibrata - Yaranaika? / Mou Ikkai / levan Polka

Via a series of actions –  durational, repetitive and referential to Japanese pop culture, Yaranaika? / Mou Ikkai / levan Polka points to wider questions with regards to regionalism, diasporic anxieties, gender and cultural identity. 86 more words


Seeking The Wise Women

Have you heard about the wise woman of Abel?

The story is related in 2 Samuel 20. In Old Testament Israel it is believed ‘wise women’ were women elders who held positions of influence and authority in certain cities. 681 more words

Christian Women

a subliminal appeal to some catholic bishops


lez be honest  the transitions are rarely as simply and easily welcome as nosegays   part of your past’s ex… 45 more words

One Year Later

Its been exactly a year since I started transitioning, what all has changed exactly?

My body has changed a lot with the introduction of female hormones, and I have a lot more self esteem. 434 more words


Gender: "I've been looking for the hole mummy, but I just can't find it."

… “There is no way to see what’s different just from their tails.” – P&L