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Transgender Narrative: Why We Lie

© Zachary McCallum, originally published on Owldolatrous.com

Transgender people are in the media spotlight these days, and for the first time, it’s not as the butt of bigoted jokes. 2,232 more words


Men Introduced to Family Planning in Niger

In this article, NPR delves into programs aimed to lower the birth rate in Niger, an impoverished country with exploding population, by bringing men into the conversation about family planning.


Where we stand.

Currently the demographic for graduates with Bachelor’s Degrees in physics is around 20%. This data was compiled by the American Physical Society in 2013. The current percentage is up over all, but has dropped since the early 2000’s which saw an all time high in the number of female graduates in physics. 27 more words



I am in the bath. I mixed a few drops of rose oil into the water and massaged my face and chest with coconut oil and sea salt. 747 more words

What I Should Have Said.

My life seems to be reduced down to a series of moments where I have failed to come to my defense. This isn’t actually true, but it is the case if we view the path I have taken to get where I am now in an incredibly reductive way. 328 more words


Nonpliments: How Not to Give a Trans* Person a Compliment

Text © Zachary McCallum, Art © Justin Hubbell, originally published on Owldolatrous.com

According to Urban Dictionary, a “nonpliment” is a back-handed insult disguised as a compliment, and trans* people hear a lot of them. 1,045 more words

Grayson Perry on the Wall

Having seen his exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, I wanted to see his presence on the wall.  Fortunately, his portrait is in the collection.  It is fitting that he is seen as Claire, the name he uses for his little girl persona. 21 more words