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DBT Misery, Part 2

There are other therapists at this DBT clinic, but they all seem to be women. Normally that’s fine; most of my therapists have been women. But I feel like this one personifies my observation from undergrad that all the wrong people major in psych. 294 more words

Mental Health

"Could you drop me home, please"

Unfortunately, sexual assaults are scarily increasing in our modern society . In this short film an example of potential danger women come across in daily life. 116 more words


Lady Gamers 2.0: #Gamergate

Vitriolic cyber attacks against women in gaming

In no other legitimate industry today is success sometimes rewarded with rape and death threats. But for female gaming industry members harassment and threats are standard biproducts of excelling at doing what you love. 1,062 more words


Why GEM-Tech? Putting Gender on the ICT Map

It is a fact that women have less access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), with 200 million fewer women online globally than men. It is also a fact that women are underrepresented in the ICT sector workforce, where they represent only 6% of the CEOs in the top 100 Technology companies. 768 more words


Asexuality: The Invisible Orientation - Part 1 Review

Sorry it’s taken a while to get to this. This post is a continuation of reviews of the book “Asexuality: The Invisible Orientation” by JUlie Sondra Decker. 639 more words


Toys R Us-and-Them

Because we couldn’t possibly have both a boy and a girl playing Ninja Turtles.

I know this is far from news, but I looked through the whole thing. 126 more words


Playing at Gender: Wonder Woman, Lady Gaga and Mr. Rogers

A real friend is not someone who will stand by you in hard times or beside you in good times or even your dog. A real friend sends you stuff to read, knowing what you like. 861 more words