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espnW Coverage is Spot-On: Ray Rice, NFL & Gendered Violence

Canada isn’t known for being a football (ie. gridiron football) fanatic country. We have the CFL (Canadian Football League), which has been operating since 1861! And then there is the… 221 more words


Bye Bye Berkeley: Sexual harassment, self-esteem, and social media

I move home next week. After two and a half months in the Bay Area I’ll board a plane at SFO direct to JFK and start the next, next chapter of my life. 1,460 more words

NFL: reflecting barbaric mores

As Shutdown Corner points out, the NFL has upped their abysmal handling of the Rice situation (my emphasis):

The NFL is still being criticized for giving Ray Rice a light, two-game suspension, as well it should.

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18 examples of imaginary privilege

I was reading an article on a website, when I saw a link for this one. I was intrigued. I have female privilege? What kind of power do I unfairly wield against men and how can I abuse said power? 2,207 more words

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