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Why feminism needs trans people and sex workers

Originally published in the New Statesman, 24th November 2014

There are several stories circulating about what happened at this year’s London Reclaim the Night march. 903 more words

Yes, Your "Harmless Greetings" are a Form of Street Harassment

“10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman”, a video released by the anti-street harassment organization hollaback!, went instantly viral after being posted to YouTube on Tuesday. 715 more words

post. twenty seven. (or experiencing gendered violence).

As has happened to me many times before, on Sunday I walked by a man who tried to initiate a conversation with me.

“Smile, sweetheart.” 476 more words


Male Entitlement and Public Urination

When we think of public urination the images that come to mind are ones of disgust, discomfort, and disdain. Public urination happens to be a current crisis in India and local authorities have employed the use of a “pissing tanker” in order to stop the frequency of urine-stained locations.   215 more words

Growing Feminicide in Brazil

I have a growing suspicion that many members of my family, and even social networking followers, assume that I am one of those “crazy feminists.” Although I have had only a few personal incidents that steered me this way, it is living in a world that makes it clear that there is a growing problem that must be acknowledged that has pushed me over the limit. 394 more words

The Corner Store & the Street Harassment that Wasn't (or Was It?)

When I hear street harassment, I think cat calls and uninvited “compliments,” and when events aren’t easily compartmentalized into the neat, little boxes that I’ve created for them, I lose my voice in the mess they’ve made on my floor. 698 more words

Hands and Feet to Yourselves

I think everybody has that chunk of time from their youth, that was so fucked up and weird that it’s ripe for discussion and education. For me, it was being fifteen years old. 1,398 more words