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My Gender Hasn't Changed-- Language Is Just Playing Catch-Up

I’ve always had a pretty decent understanding of what the “inert nothingness” feels like within the context of myself; it’s just finding words to describe that experience that’s always been sucky. 826 more words

gender and minecraft: console-ing passions 2014

Full disclosure, this presentation is an abbreviated analysis of a forthcoming book chapter on conventions of gender in Minecraft. This is also work that I am more comprehensively developing for my master’s thesis, provided the process of writing it doesn’t kill me over the next few weeks. 4,336 more words


'Good Night, Me'. A sweet goodnight book from a fresh(ish) perspective.

This book is really, really cute. The marketplace is always flooded with ‘goodnight book’ options, and I’ve found it’s hard to distinguish some from others. … 126 more words

I don't think they understand

I thought they did… but maybe they don’t but they just accept me because they like me.
I did my coming out a month ago. 220 more words

The Writer

Final costume

So throughout the process i have been wanting to create a “Genderless” costume, but I have come across questions regarding the fabric, shape and form of the costumes, and that also the idea of inanimate objects . 127 more words

Gender Identity, part 2 : The Cis Hate

(read part 1 for context)

Thrilled of the important revelation of being genderqueer/agender, I joined a facebook group last week of genderqueer persons (trans, genderless, genderfluid, bigender, everything non-binary (or non-cis) ). 845 more words