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Are men or women more sympathetic when the other is sick?

On the radio this morning they had a very interesting discussion question, “which gender is more sympathetic when the other one is sick?” This question found me at a great time because my boyfriend is just starting to get sick and the discussion about how differently men act when they are sick as opposed to women came up. 298 more words

In 2014, startups discovered women get their periods—every month

A new kind of subscription service—many of them, actually—have joined the ecommerce fray, offering delivery of menstruation supplies. Yes, “monthly tampon club” sounds more like the name of a Nirvana song than a business category, and some services have folded since their initial launch in 2013. 756 more words

Just because you think you won an argument with your girl...

…doesn’t mean that you still won’t be making your own sandwiches for a long, long time.


~Those times...~

So, do you know those times where it just makes click in the back of your head? When you know something just changed? That you just had a moment you’ll remember? 875 more words


A Women's Charter for Delhi Elections: Women against Sexual Violence and State Repression

Guest Post by Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression

The elections in Delhi are approaching.

Violence, as well as discrimination against women, and sheer denial of women’s dignity and rights, has been a huge concern for Delhi’s citizens. 1,173 more words


Days and Nights in Manesar - Reflecting on the ASTI Workers' Struggle: Anshita & Arya

Guest Post by Anshita & Arya (Krantikari Naujawan Sabha)

All 310 contract workers in ASTI Electronics factory in IMT Manesar in Gurgaon, Haryana have been on dharna since 3rd November 2014 after they were laid-off on 1st November 2014 citing low work demand. 2,087 more words


Manga and the Manga-esque: New Perspectives to a Global Culture

The Japanese Studies Program at Ateneo de Manila University (Manila, Philippines) has unveiled the full schedule for Manga and the Manga-esque: New Perspectives to a Global Culture… 943 more words