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Agent Carter: Excellent, Despite the Checkboxing

I managed to find a little time this weekend to watch the first (and currently only) three episodes of the new show Agent Carter. I’ve been looking forward to this one for three reasons. 2,039 more words


~rumours and illness~

So, this week, I’ve been home from school most of the time because I’m sick. Sick enough to stay at home, but not sick enough to get everything else out of my head. 1,007 more words


Toys beyond genders

All little Gabrielle Chin wanted for Christmas was a Spiderman figurine. Her two front teeth can wait.

And she’s not alone. Toys could be changing for the better. 636 more words

Feature Pieces

Feminism is a man's fight

The way that feminism has commonly pushed its agenda is to make the emancipation of women come at the expense of men. Contrary to popular belief, gender equality benefits men. 947 more words


What's this cis?

So last night before I fell asleep I was reading James St. James’ post about the term cis gender. One of my Facebook friends had shared it, and I was a little excited because I actually knew what the term cis meant! 525 more words

Feminism for Girls

I grew up in a generation where women in leadership are seen as bossy instead of hardworking. Society depicts feminism as an illness. An opinion that discourages young girls to do what they want simply because society says it isn’t right. 126 more words

Let's Talk...

Are There More Than Two Genders?

You may have heard people discussing genders other than male and female, and for a while I didn’t know what to make of it. It seemed silly to me so I tried to understand and, alas, I think I have figured it out. 226 more words