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Call for Papers: 'Diversity and Representation in Comics and Related Media'

The University of Florida Comics Studies program is now accepting proposals for paper presentations at the 12th UF Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels. The dates for the conference will be April 10 to April 12, 2015, and the conference’s title and theme is “Comics Read but Seldom Seen: Diversity and Representation in Comics and Related Media”, and its overall goal is stated as “to celebrate and interrogate the representation of marginalized groups in comics and related media.” 210 more words

Call For Papers

Are Men Really Stupid? (Masculine Tuesday)

Hey everyone! It’s FEA here!

And just as I promised, this Tuesday will be Masculine Tuesday, when I talk about facts about men that women would like to know. 2,817 more words

Personal Insight

Don't let the Magic Fade: Thoughts on Kudumbashree's Sixteenth Anniversary

I do not write on Kafila as frequently as I used to because I don’t want to be writing stories of impending doom all the time. 3,416 more words

Bad Ideas

Are Women Really Crazy? (Feminine Tuesday)

Hey everyone!

So Tuesday is here again, and I’ve wanted to talk about this topic for a really long time. I’ve been researching gender differences and similarities since I realized the opposite sex was more baffling than I thought, and it came as a big shock to me too because I’ve lived a long time believing there weren’t any differences at all. 2,031 more words

Personal Insight

Mac-a-dillas and other reasons why men make great Camp Counselors.

I am a person who truly enjoys when traditional gender role rules are broken. I feel that with that when we stay with gender traditions, we can rob our kids from valuable life experiences and memories. 381 more words

Rape and Rakhi - Patriarchal-Communal Narratives: Kavita Krishnan


Even as the communal cauldron in UP is kept on the boil, there is news that the RSS has launched a campaign to tie Rakhis to lakhs of Hindu men, asking them to pledge to protect their sisters from Muslim men and “love jehad.” The VHP has been running a helpline urging Hindus to approach them “if your daughter is being harassed by Muslim boys.” And a khap panchayat in Muzaffarnagar has imposed a ban on mobile phones and jeans for girls, claiming that these result in ‘eve-teasing’. 1,534 more words

Bad Ideas

Ladies and Women; Gentlemen and Men

A lady never drinks hard liquor. A lady never runs wild. A lady never curses.

A woman’s place is in peace, and the home place. A woman’s place is in the kitchen. 315 more words